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The Secret Circle, Episode 9, Balcoin, Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

A pretty tame mid season finale for the Secret Circle, no real cliffhanger, at least we learn that Jake really does have feelings for Cassie and it looks like he will be on team good witch from now on.

It turns out Cassie’s dark magic lineage goes back four hundred years to a family called Balcoin, a big bad dark magic clan who eventually changed their name to Blackwell. Of course Jake helps her discover this at the Circle’s hangout. Her and Diana research the family line and come up with nothing which makes Cassie suspicious so she heads to Calvin’s which is all locked up since he is dead.

Later she asks Jake to the dance and it doesn’t go well. Jake denies he has feelings for her but she doesn’t believe him. She feels the “magic” between them. I couldn’t resist.  His rejection is almost believable until she leaves and he starts angrily throwing things around his room. He also watches her get ready for the dance with sweet teen romance eyes from his window across the way.

Cassie asks Grandma Jane about the Blackwell Family Tree, but Jane is having memory issues thanks to Charles and can’t answer her.  Apparently Charles’s spell is going to have consequences.

Jake comes over  to apologize, admit there is something between them and take Cassie to the dance. That short red dress paid off.

Charles shows up to take Dawn to chaperone the dance but before the fun can begin Dawn once again asks him for the crystal. He refuses and she reminds him that he still needs her.

At the dance  Charles greets Jane who tells him she is “Just watching Ameila have fun,” He looks concerned and says “You mean Cassie.” Later on she recalls how obsessed Dawn used to be with John Blackwell. Charles who seems to have no interest in Dawn looks offended and questions her on Blackwell. She interjects with how about that horrid spell you did on Jane, if she is never the same it’s all your fault.  Apparently the spell has messed with her memory in ways he did not anticipate.

Faye has Adam spy on Cassie and Jake at the dance, since she knows that “Jake doesn’t do caring.” Adam leers at them from a corner like a jealous ex boyfriend. Their sweet slow dance gets interrupted by Isaac calling Jake. After all Jake was supposed to leave town not crush on Cassie. Isaac informs Jake that the Council wants them to take Cassie to them right away. Jake assures Isaac he is still on board and goes back to the dance to trick Cassie into going with him. Luckily Adam who was still spying runs and tells Faye that Jake is a witch hunter.

Jake takes Cassie back to his room. He tells her of her family’s dark witch history. She flips on him and turns it into relationship drama. He tries to warn her that people will come for her, they will want her power and she needs to leave with him. Cassie will not hear it after all this is really about Jake’s trust/committment issues.  Adam texts her telling her Jake is a witch hunter. Cassie acts like the text is nothing and agrees to go with him but first she needs to get her things. He tells her she really can trust him, which normally is a big clue not to trust that person.  Cassie of course gets abducted and Jake who tries to save her gets knocked out.

Faye of all people, notices that Jake actually cares for Cassie and convinces Adam to let him help them get Cassie back. Adam plays hero and foolishly sneaks onto Isaac’s boat to save Cassie. Isaac knows something is up when Jake starts blowing out lights with his power. He grabs Adam ruining the escape plan.

Jake runs to the rescue as Cassie threatens to use her dark power. Isaac being not just a tool but also a coward lets them go.  The kids set the dock on fire to ensure their getaway. Jake tries to convince Issac that Cassie is good and the darkness doesn’t have to affect the Circle. Isaac says she is not the only Blackwell in the Circle. Ooh, how exciting, I’ll put my money on Diana not being Charles’s real daughter because Faye would be too obvious. It should be interesting to learn in January how many women of the former Circle John Blackwell bedded down.


The Secret Circle, Recap “Breath” Episode Eight

by Tegan O’Rourke

A lot of predictable scenarios from other horror franchises but overall this episode was well done.  Faye in the tub saw that scariness coming a mile away.  The show still is not in Vampire Diaries territory, but it’s getting better.

The gist of the episode centered on the kids partying at Faye’s Grandpa’s house. Cassie gets a text that Grandma Jane is heading back home so she thinks all is well. The gang doesn’t suspect that Grandpa has been murdered and go about their teen hi jinks.

Faye has a stereotypical horror bath tub scene that scares the alcohol out of her. She blames Cassie which is crazy since Cassie has better things to do like fight her attraction to Jake and keep her dark power in check.

The fun resumes with truth or dare which ends when Faye loses her buzz and good mood after Cassie kisses Jake in front of everyone. Well she asked for it and Cassie calls her out in front of everyone, which forces Faye to dramatically run out of the house.

On her way out, Faye sees a child running around all alone in the rain, she chases. Cassie comes out of the house also sees the child and chases.

Diana notices Adam’s reaction to the kiss and they also head outside and fight in the shed which obviously leads to them having sex. Who didn’t see that coming?  I was worried that Diana was not sticking to her plan, but then after she got her sex on she dumped Adam again the next day. Harsh! I felt bad for Adam and I thought his line of “I don’t want you to know what it’s like without me,” was heartfelt and borderline stalker all at the same time.

Dawn and Charles go to the kid’s secret hangout and find Diana’s spell book and use it to manipulate Grandma Jane into forgetting she found Grandpa Henry’s dead body– oh and he takes the crystal she found.  Why they didn’t just make Grandma Jane give them back their power is beyond me. After all Grandma Jane is one of the elders who originally put an end to their generation’s circle.

Charles is still a confusing character he has guilt over killing Nick, but doesn’t seem to have guilt over killing Cassie’s mom.

Cassie sees the mysterious little girl on the dock and she runs after her, but she disappears.  Cassie senses something, probably with her dark power and puts her hands in the water and up comes Grandpa Henry!

Dawn comes out and plays the concerned mother/daughter and the kids head home. Jake meets up with Witch Hunter Isaac, who is also the same guy who plays the Werewolf Hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf. And yes I mention that in every post. I find the typecasting hilarious. Anyway Isaac tells Jake he needs to decide if he is still with the witches or the hunters.

Back at home Cassie and Grandma Jane reunite. Cassie gives Jane back her scarf, but Jane has no memory of being in the house thanks to Charles. Cassie and Jane both look at each other like what the F… and the Ladah dah dah song comes on ending the episode.

This Saturday is the last episode for the winter, it will most likely be filled with a few cliff hangers like Cassie and Jake getting it on while Isaac watches and then storms in and attempts to kill them both, but don’t worry he won’t, Cassie is the star and cannot be killed and Jake just replaced Nick and he’s hotter so he can’t be killed either.  Also the infamous John Blackwell should make an appearance and scare the witchery out of Chares and Dawn.

Highlights from the Secret Circle Episode 7

By Tegan O’Rourke

“How many witches are there in Chance Harbor?” Cassie asks. Grandma Jane replies “It’s hard to say” Is this town some kind of supernatural vortex like the Hell Mouth in Sunnydale? The question arises after she and Calvin Wilson the owner of the Witch Out accidentally touch and mirror breaks.

The girls find a piece of the weapon Simone tried to kill Cassie with last week. She tells Jake who then spells her car not to start. He heads over to The Witch Out where he threatens to kill Calvin and tells him when Cassie comes by not to answer any of her questions when she shows up. He is so cute when he’s vengeful. And he is vengeful; his parents Richard and Sarah Armstrong were killed due to witchcraft as was his brother Nick recently. So Jake is smoking mad.

“I’m nothing like the rest of you. Trust me,” Jake says to Melissa at Nick’s grave. Melissa made the mistake of trying to bond. Sorry girl he will not be your new booty call.

The gang finds out that Simone was actually a witch hunter by matching up the symbols on the piece of her weapon with the same symbols on a blade at the Witch Out.

Meanwhile Jake meets up with the other witch hunter, the guy who plays the werewolf hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf.  Jake spells a bunch of small glass bottles which once filled with blood and personal objects can be set on fire to kill witches.

Cassie tells Jake that Simone was not a witch but a witch hunter. Jake plays it cool.

The Halloween party is rockin as Diana shows up and shows Adam she’s one kitty he can’t have.  Adam tries to get her back Diana but Diana isn’t having it, she’s no one’s second choice.

Calvin shows up at Ethan’s boat. He tells him about Cassie showing up at the store and asking questions. Calvin questions Cassie being Amelia’s daughter and tells Ethan she needs to know her real father is, someone named John Blackwell who is a “big bad” as they used to say on Buffy.

Faye lures Jake upstairs, while Melissa gets chloroformed and kidnapped outside the party. Cassie dressed like a cute little bumble bee sneaks into Jake’s place and finds a knife with the witch hunter symbols on it. She sees Faye and Jake making out in her bedroom from Jake’s window and says “Really Faye in my bedroom?”  Jake rejects Faye as usual he’s just not into feeling her up in her little red outfit. For being such a hot girl she doesn’t get much action.

Jake comes back and catches Cassie with the knife.  They both play dumb and make up excuses for themselves until Faye arrives and asks Jake “Is this what it takes to get you excited a little girl with a knife,” Faye has the best lines on the show.

One by one the rest of the circle gets chloroformed and taken back to the witch hunter lair.

Calvin tells Jake that Cassie has dark magic inside of her. Jake doesn’t believe Calvin that people can change and he kills Calvin with the spelled jar.  Isaac the head witch hunter tells Luke a school chum of the Circle to kill them. They beg Luke not to but to no avail, Luke is your typical witch hunter zealot. Luckily Cassie really does have dark magic in her and sets him on fire, as Jake is trying to convince Isaac that Cassie has the darkness in her. Once again Cassie doesn’t seem to give a crap that someone is dead and this guy was her date that she literally fried, ouch!

Isaac runs off at the first sign of Luke being barbequed which is odd, since crazy zealots are normally eager to die if they think they are conquering evil.  Jake fakes an injury as the circle member’s escape, he claims he was attacked and brought there like the rest of them. The kids all stare him down with looks of you big fat liar!

Adam stops by Diana’s and gets tearful but Diana will not bend. Maybe she’s holding out for Jake. As for Adam, I don’t remember high school boys being this talkative about their feelings, maybe times have changed and they talk more than girls now.

Cassie confronts Jake and he asks if she trusts him and she replies, “Not really.”  It’s going to be hot when they make out especially since she doesn’t trust him. Jake’s going to be so conflicted he will never be able to kill her; Just like Spike couldn’t kill Buffy.  Jake leaves and Cassie receivesa mysterious envelope with some kind ancient looking witchery inside.

Grandma Jane finds Faye’s dead grandfather but someone comes up behind her and knocks her out as she starts chanting a spell. Don’t worry it’s doubtful that Grandma Jane kicks it so soon in the series,  after all who would be left to raise Cassie, her evil dad that she doesn’t know–yet? I hope so!

The Secret Circle, Season One Episode Six, Wake Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

Burning Crescent Moons, new blonde boy to crush on, ok I’m starting to get into the Secret Circle. At first it was just the show that came on after The Vampire Diaries, but now it’s getting pretty good. I was shocked last week when Nick was killed off and figured the kids would find some magical way to bring him back, but no dice, it looks like he is being replaced by his older broker Jake who is a cutie!

Cassie looks stunned as her Grandma tells her the Circle isn’t really broken because it involves everyone in the gang’s bloodline! That was a  clever way to bring Jake into The Circle. The consensus is that Jake is bad and treated everyone like crap well at least Faye feels that way.

Since Grandma Jane helped exorcise the demon from Melissa she now knows about the Circle. She tells Faye’s mom she knows the Circle is bound and that Nick was taken over by a demon. She asks mother dearest for her help watching over the kids. Good luck with that, she’s all about the witchery.

“Who died and made you Queen Witch?” Faye asked when Cassie brings up the notion of bringing Nick into the Circle. It seemed odd that she would want him in so quickly without knowing him, especially since she has been so skittish the whole time about joining the group herself.

After the gang sees a crescent moon on fire outside their lair they get the creeps and Cassie tells Grandma Jane about it. Jane tells her it means they have been marked, basically threatened by another witch. Faye confronts Jake privately, they apparently had a thing, sparks will most likely fly again or he’ll end up going after Cassie.

Anyway Cassie is alone at the house when she is attacked by a freaky chick who says she wants her blood.  Conveniently bad boy Jake just happens to be coming home and hears Cassie screaming. He rushes in all good guy style and starts chanting a spell to make her go away. The girl’s eyes get all red just like the Vamps on the Vampire Diaries and she runs away.

The gang doesn’t like the idea of bringing Jake on board, but Cassie is set on it. Faye warns her that he will sleep with her and break her heart into a million tiny little pieces, then storms off because she is over him.

Grandma Jane whips out another crystal; I thought they couldn’t get anymore. The kids are lucky to have an older good witch on their side. She tells Cassie not to tell anyone about it and explains that crystals are lenses to magnify power.

Jake actually knows the girl her attacked Cassie, her name is Simone, she is hot stuff. Jake busts into her tacky motel room and they scuffle. He wants Cassie’s blood back “It’s too soon for bloodletting.” Jake tells Simone. I was hoping she’d be another good casting edition until Cassie accidentally helps Jake kill her outside of the restaurant, Cassie doesn’t seem too upset over her first accidental witch murder.  I’m assuming there will be more.  She tells Jake he can’t leave Chance Harbor. “The bad is coming they’re already here.”

Jake already seems like an interesting character. Is he a good guy or bad guy? Most likely he will be bad but like Damon on TVD have his moments of hot goodness.

Adam’s drunken father, Ethan is really busted up over Nick’s death.   I hope this guy starts getting better lines other than ones about destiny, love and the stars. Adam plays the adult and tells his dad to slow down on the drinks. Jake plays on dad’s drinking problem and starts a fight with Adam.  And out of respect for Nick, adam tries to punch Jake in the face at the wake, classy.

Charles, Diana’s dad accidently calls Jake, Nick, his guilt over having to kill Nick is evident, even though he had no choice; the kid was taken over by a demon after all.  It’s interesting how Charles didn’t have a conscience when he killed Cassie’s mom in the pilot, I wonder when that will come up?

Ethan warns Diana that Adam and Cassie are destined to be together, as Adam and Cassie have a chat in the bar about how he doesn’t like her around Jake. At first I think this is is going to be a long tormented affair, with a lot of dialogue like, “Oh know we shouldn’t and “What about Diana.” But then Diana not being a doormat, dumps Adam, go Diana!

It turns out Jake is in town to avenge the deaths of his family, he is a Witch Hunter and in cahoots with the guy who plays the Werewolf Hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf. I’m ok with typecasting, werewolf hunter, witch hunter it’s all good because the actor is very believable as guy who hunts supernatural beings.

Best line of the night:  When Faye says “Is Jake in there, because I am so over him.”

Predictions: Jake will crush on Cassie and not kill her like he is supposed to and as an interesting twist to the standard tormented lover triangle; Adam will actually choose Diana over Cassie!

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True Blood Recap and Season 5 Predictions

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously posted on The Supernatural Weekly

Is Tara Really dead? Doubt it!

As Usual the season finale of HBO’s True Blood based on the popular Charlaine Harris novels did not disappoint. Plenty of characters got what was coming to them and one Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) didn’t deserve it.  I let out a loud gasp when Marnie/Lafayette stabbed the very likeable Jesus in the chest.

What a brilliant actress Fiona Shaw is, going from Aunt  Petunia in Harry Potter to the evil and pathetic Marnie.  I really disdained her, she was fabulous. Of all the villains on this show she got off easy in the end being taken on to the otherworld by the forgiving Antonia.

Nan Flanigan played by Jessica Tuck, didn’t get such an easy send off. After four seasons of being the face of vampires everywhere she finally got a stake in the heart, compliments of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

The last death was that of emotionally imbalanced werewolf Debbie Pelt  (Brit Morgan). Was anyone else shocked at how fast Sookie (Anna Paquin) took her head off? But alas the shock of the night other than Reverend Steve Newland showing up on Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) doorstep with fangs was Tara taking a bullet for Sookie. I have a hard time believing Rutina Wesley is leaving the show even though she is being coy about not knowing what comes next.

My hopes and predictions for Season Five are as follows:

Hunky werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganielo) and Sookie will start a long awaited romance next season, now that the whole sexual tension between Sookie and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) has been dissolved this season by them finally doing the deed.

Reverend Steve Newland really is a fanger.  That would be hilarious. But don’t worry about Jason, Jessica or someone else will save him from Reverend Fanger. Eric is just plain evil again as he should be. Bill and Eric constantly come between Sookie’s relationship with Alcide. Oh and Tara really isn’t dead, she comes back with some kind of supernatural power.