True Blood Recap and Season 5 Predictions

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously posted on The Supernatural Weekly

Is Tara Really dead? Doubt it!

As Usual the season finale of HBO’s True Blood based on the popular Charlaine Harris novels did not disappoint. Plenty of characters got what was coming to them and one Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) didn’t deserve it.  I let out a loud gasp when Marnie/Lafayette stabbed the very likeable Jesus in the chest.

What a brilliant actress Fiona Shaw is, going from Aunt  Petunia in Harry Potter to the evil and pathetic Marnie.  I really disdained her, she was fabulous. Of all the villains on this show she got off easy in the end being taken on to the otherworld by the forgiving Antonia.

Nan Flanigan played by Jessica Tuck, didn’t get such an easy send off. After four seasons of being the face of vampires everywhere she finally got a stake in the heart, compliments of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

The last death was that of emotionally imbalanced werewolf Debbie Pelt  (Brit Morgan). Was anyone else shocked at how fast Sookie (Anna Paquin) took her head off? But alas the shock of the night other than Reverend Steve Newland showing up on Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) doorstep with fangs was Tara taking a bullet for Sookie. I have a hard time believing Rutina Wesley is leaving the show even though she is being coy about not knowing what comes next.

My hopes and predictions for Season Five are as follows:

Hunky werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganielo) and Sookie will start a long awaited romance next season, now that the whole sexual tension between Sookie and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) has been dissolved this season by them finally doing the deed.

Reverend Steve Newland really is a fanger.  That would be hilarious. But don’t worry about Jason, Jessica or someone else will save him from Reverend Fanger. Eric is just plain evil again as he should be. Bill and Eric constantly come between Sookie’s relationship with Alcide. Oh and Tara really isn’t dead, she comes back with some kind of supernatural power.


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