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Meredith Brings Coffee and Hope

Meredith came to Mass General prepared, she brought two lawyers and Dan’s favorite coffee. 

Ron was drinking a coffee outside of Dan’s room. She saw his soft blue eyes dart to attention at her entourage.

“I’m not sure we can have all of us in the room,” he said. “I can head to the café, would you like anything?”

“No thanks, I actually need to speak to Dan alone and they need to speak to your idiot boss Weller.”

“He went back to the office. There was an FBI agent here earlier, Weller is saying Sean embezzled.”

“We have more money than….” Meredith stopped. “Sorry I don’t mean to be obnoxious. But Weller is an ass.”

“No worries, you’ve been through a lot. Definitely lawyer up.”

Ron smiled for the first time that day as headed down the hall. He had known the O’Rourke family for years. She had the O’Rourke strength. Weller was about to get pommeled.

She straightened her silk pink blouse and took a breath as she entered the room.

Dan’s heart jumped when he saw her. He sat up trying to comb his black hair. What could he say? The truth was not going to help or at least what he thought was the truth.

“I heard you hit your head, how are you feeling?”

“Alright, they say I’m fine, but they won’t let me leave.”

“I heard, it’s ok to tell me what you saw,” she said. “What you really saw. It will help me find Sean before anyone else does.”

He felt a sudden calm in her words. Could she understand or at least want to?

“Sip on this, it’s got to be better than hospital coffee.”

He took a long slow drink. The chocolate flavor centered him as it did each day before work.

“I’m going to be completely honest,” he said. “Bear in mind I hit my head during the attack. But I swear Meredith, this woman bit him like a vampire and she was strong. I couldn’t fight her off. She threw me down the alley.”

He waited for her to respond or walk out in disgust.

“Go on,” she said.

“Then another woman appeared, she was strong like the one who attacked us. I swear I met the second woman earlier that morning at the coffee shop. I know I sound crazy.”

“What did the woman at the coffee shop look like?” She asked.

“Red hair, amazing green eyes.”

“Tegan,” she interrupted. “Did she say her name was Tegan?”

Dan’s heart skipped. 

“Yes, did Ron tell you?”

“No. You are probably the only person I can tell this to because of your grandfather being in occult circles.”

“Oh Christ, did this really happen?” He asked.

She nodded in the affirmative. 

“I don’t know whether to be relieved that I’m not crazy or be completely terrified now.”

“When you are up to it and please take your time in making this decision. I would like you to move to Ashton with me to my parent’s second home.”

“Leave Boston? Why?”

“Because that is where the vampires are.