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Enter Leslie Paxton

Boston 1996

Leslie Paxton had that cold tight feeling in her chest again. Her lover Sarah acted like nothing was wrong.

“Its just a routine assignment,” Sarah said. “A fluff piece for Halloween, they want to bring in a younger audience, college kids love vampires, that silly Buffy movie is even being made into a TV show my editor said.”

The silly fluff piece went well past Halloween, Sarah was out at all hours of the night, she seemed tense, nervous, in a fog. Leslie wanted her to drop the story, but knew she couldn’t ask, so she offered to help, Sarah declined.

“Don’t want to share your Pulitzer?” Leslie joked.

“Something like that,” Sarah’s smiled.

It was late December when Leslie finally had enough. She jumped in her VW and followed Sarah to a club called Insomnia in Southie. She parked a few blocks away grabbed her mace and a screw driver out of the glove compartment and made her way to the brick building hidden in back of a cobble stone alley. She walked past a bunch of goth looking kids, showed the very tall pale, bouncer her ID and entered into a long red hallway. Her heart started to jump. Why was it so quiet? She slowed down as she moved closer to the wooden door that led into another room. She could hear a woman laughing inside. Leslie opened the door just enough to see Insominia’s secret.


Gabriella’s Journal

The journals and archives of Tegan’s life were endless. Dan had secretly been accessing them through the Foundation’s library for months. He needed to know who she really was–friend, or secret enemy. He had downloaded a few volumes on his reading device and brought them on the plane.

Page 505 paragraph 3

The ship docked in what is now known as Boston Harbor in 1630. Only five families remained alive. A decision had to be made quick. Orion wanted to kill them all. I understood his reasoning, most Christians couldn’t be trusted with our secret. He made a good argument that they would eventually turn on us and have us staked. Tegan had a better idea. She suggested, why not force them to keep our secret by turning one of their beloved family members. Make them see what we go through, make them sympathize, Orion loved it. Out of respect for Tegan’s age and stature in the vampire community we asked her to pick the family members that should be turned. The first one she wanted was Joseph O’Rourke. My first thought was that she was just looking to make Justin, her ex lover, jealous with the handsome young man. Over time however, I began to see the wisdom of all of Tegan’s choices. She did nothing out of simple spite. Every move she ever made was highly calculated and always to the advantage of our family. Joseph O’Rourke was an excellent choice. 

From the Memoirs of the Vampire Gabriella Martinez