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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 6 The Most Important Parts of “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Everyone has gone mad over Elena and Stefan breaking up on the sixth installment of the season. But a lot of people including Elena should have seen it coming.  And yes I am completely biased. I’ve been on Team Damon since before it became obvious he had feelings for Elena.

Just look at the history of the Salvatore Brothers, Damon was the one who pined for Katherine for over one hundred and fifty years not Stefan.  Oh and remember how Stefan was compelled to ignore Kat’s vamp side, but Damon wasn’t he just accepted her as a vampire.

Stefan just doesn’t do vamper chicks. And there’s nothing wrong with that, Bonnie doesn’t date vamps either, it’s just a preference. I like how Stefan has a lot of self loathing; Paul Wesley has made a very compelling character, a vampire who hates vampires, fabulous!

It was clear to me this couldn’t last due to innocent Elena now being the kind of vamp who can only take it from the vein. Maybe if she was able to eat bunnies like Caroline it could have worked, but I doubt it.

The one thing that does miff me about the relationship ending is how Elena stood by Stefan and still had hope for their love even when Klaus had compelled him back to his Ripper side. Oh and she never gave him shit about being a ripper to begin with. She knew he was a bloodoholic and stayed with him anyway.

I think Elena’s feelings for Damon are a convenient excuse for Stefan to end the relationship.  After all now he doesn’t have to admit to her that he just doesn’t love her unconditionally the way she loves or loved him. They grew apart, it happens.

And deep down Stefan knows the morbid truth about Elena, she is Katherine’s granddaughter and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Elena has the Petrova fire as they say and lets face it even as a mortal she was getting quite ballsy near the end, killing Ric to save him, that memory comes to mind.

I would like to see Stefan get hot and heavy with some of the other hotties on the show like Caroline, for some reason I think he doesn’t mind her being a vampire, because she can eat bunnies with him. But alas this may not work either since Caroline has a bit of the cunning in her as well.

Caroline was very convincing when her and Tyler had that spat at the Lockwood Mansion in front of Klaus. Then she met up with him at the Grille to keep him occupied while Stefan tried to rescue Elena. The best part of it which I think will put a real divide in her relationship with Tyler was her decision that it was ok to let Jeremy kill a hybrid to save Elena even though he was friends with Tyler.

Tyler made a good point Chris was their friend too why was it ok for him to die? Maybe Caroline needs a vamp that can make the hard decisions like oh I don’t know, Klaus!  Maybe she’ll figure that out on her date with him. I couldn’t tell what Tyler was more pissed about Chris being the latest sacrifice or Caroline dating Klaus.

As for Jeremy, it will be interesting to see how far he goes with his new calling as a Vampire Hunter, especially since his Big Sis is now the hottest new vamp in town.  And I thought the holidays with my family were rough. How are the Gilberts going to get through this one?


The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5 “The Killer” Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke,

This episode really hit me in the heart.  It’s beautiful how a mutual hatred can bring enemies together.

Stefan and Klaus are working together again almost like best buds except that Stefan still really hates him and all Klaus really wants his human blood bag Elena back, yet still it was fun to watch Stefan betray and lie to Elena even if it was for her own good.

The fun starts when Connor takes Matt, Jeremy and April hostage at the Grille. After four seasons I can’t believe this place is still standing and none of the customers seem to complain about the onslaught of violence that occurs on the premises. I guess the food must be killer.

Connor seems to think that a brigade of vampires is going to come running in like idiots to save the trio and if Damon were in charge he’d be right. However Klaus and Stefan are running this mission and Klaus has a better idea. Elena is over emotional about her brother being kidnapped and she wants to storm in there. But Stefan tries to talk her down and then vervains Damon to show he means business.

Meanwhile Caroline finds hot Haley at the Lockwood Mansion. However, they don’t have time for a cat fight due to the hostage crisis at the Grille.  Besides Caroline doesn’t know yet about Haley’s relationship with Tyler.

Klaus breaks up an argument between Tyler and Hybrid Dean and decides that Dean will go alone to the Grille to rescue Jer and the gang.

Damon awakens and Elena is still adamant about rescuing Jeremy and the gang. Damon tells her she has to kill Connor if given the chance. My first thought was, Ya right. Oh and Stefan took Damon’s daylight ring, what a Dic move!

At the Grille Jeremy realizes he was compelled to forget seeing Connor under chains at the Mikelson Mansion and he is not happy about it.

Dean comes through the front door of the Grille as Stefan sneaks in through a tunnel under the Grille. Luckily Matt and April were in the storage room alone trying to break into the same tunnel. Why Connor let them out of his sight was a question.

Of course Connor kills the hybrid the second he walks in. This hunter is one tough SOB, a lot tougher than, sweet serial killer Ric, may he rest in peace, never speak badly of the dead. Surprise, Elena walks in next and begs Connor to let Jer go. Connor refuses and Big Sis jumps him setting off another vampire killer explosion that misses her but hits little bro hard in the chest.  She saves Jeremy with her blood while Connor runs for it.

They all end up in the tunnel under the Grille, where Damon and Stefan get into it and Stefan finally admits why he is working with Klaus. It’s all to save Elena, stupid! But oh snap it’s too late

The hated, Vampire Hunter Connor finally got what was coming to him and at the hands of the sweet Elena. I must admit I went WTF when she snapped his neck so quickly and easily. I almost didn’t believe he was really dead.  But luckily I saw the next episode so I know he really is capute.  I think it was the line about Elena being the biggest monster that Jeremy would ever meet that put her over the top.

Elena feels terrible about being a killer and tries to bury Connor; she’s so distraught she forgets to wash the blood off of her face. You could tell Stefan didn’t find it attractive.

The whole time all of this going on Bonnie is with Professor Shane trying to get her witch on again. She was with him for seven hours of hypnosis and lighting candles. She seems to trust this guy a little too much too soon in my opinion, especially since he was the one who sent Connor to Mystic Falls. But Bonnie doesn’t know that, yet.

Back at Salvatore Manor, Damon and Stefan chit chat about why it’s so important to find this cure for Elena. It becomes obvious the cure is more for Stefan than Elena. He secretly can’t handle the thought of his sweet Elena being a vampire. He likes innocent high school girls and this dangerous vamp just doesn’t rev his motor.  Thankfully evil Damon announces he likes her either way.

Elena back at home in her bedroom left to her own devices after killing someone for the first time, this was questionable. Starts having hallucinations of seeing blood on her mirror that says, “Killer.” I don’t get why she is left alone with Jeremy after being turned let alone after her first kill. Shouldn’t Caroline at least being staying over for a few weeks?

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 4 “The Five” Thoughts on Love and Heartache

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Instead of the usual play by play which you can get other places. I was interested in focusing on the love and heart ache some of our favorite characters faced in this episode.

Lets start with heartsick Rebekah, aka Sexy Bex.  After following her evil brother around for a thousand years you would think she would get more than just a stake in the heart from him, again! But alas, Rebekah is beautiful with a big loving and evil heart this is why she keeps getting staked literally and figuratively.

For being one of the most powerful  women/vampires in the world, her heart seems to get in her way a lot. I will give her kudos for not compelling anyone to love her. This vamp wants the real thing and I hope she gets it. It is sometimes painful to watch her pain. But then again, that just shows what a great job Claire Holt is doing of displaying Rebekah’s inner turmoil.  I also saw Claire Holt on Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars recently and I was blown away by the difference in the two characters of Samara and  Rebekah.

Anyway, I liked the history behind “The Five” and how Rebekah got her freak on with one of them before he tried to kill her.  Sadly of course Rebekah confessed to Stefan that she really loved the Vampire Hunter who tried to wipe out her whole family. She even buried his magic sword, which may lead to the only possible way to cure vampirism with him in the church cemetery in Italy where she thought they’d be married. She is such a romantic blood sucker!

And that’s all Klaus needed to hear. Rebekah’s was like oh snap, when she spilled to Stefan who then played it cool as Big Bro gave it to her in the heart. So Sexy Bex is out of commission at least for a few episodes. When she is awakened oh and I hope when she is its by her arch nemesis Elena, I do hope Rebekah will reflect on her unwarranted loyalty to Klaus and never go down that road again.

I think Matt would be a good love match for Sexy Bex but then again the writer’s of this show always have some interesting U turns to hit us with, so let’s see what new characters emerge as the season progresses.

While Stefan was helping Klaus manipulate Rebekah, Elena and Damon were feasting on college coeds at the “Murder House” at Whitmore College. And Elena liked it, she really liked it and Damon liked that she really liked it. I loved that they liked it. Elena needs to give in more to vampire impulses. After all it’s obvious she is more like Damon and Grandma Katherine then she wants to admit.

All was getting hot and steamy until blood blocker Bonnie showed up with her look of disdain that only she can give. She even made me feel dirty.  I want to see Bonnie go all “Willow Season Six of Buffy.” I really want to see that.

What’s wife Bonnie anyway, hanging out with this creepy cute Professor Shane, who is obviously up to no good. Is her witch radar off? I hope they have a tawdry affair, the sleazier the better.

There is no doubt in my mind that Elena and Damon are going to get together and Bonnie is going to hate it.  Can’t Wait!


The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 3 “The Rager” Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

What is going on in Mystic Falls? I understand Tyler had to go the hospital to avoid suspicion, but what was with the weird look on his face as he listened to his security guard get knocked out by Bad Ass Connor. And by the way Tyler is the mayor’s son, why wasn’t there more security for him? And where was his pose? Everyone has now witnessed how dangerous this new Vamp Hunter in town is, so where was the backup? Connor flew into his room, Tyler tried to surprise him and still got thrown down and venom jacked. Other than the fact that Michael Trevino’s contract probably isn’t up why didn’t Connor kill him?

Tyler comes home to find a bunch of hybrid bodyguards. Klaus has returned and isn’t going to let any hunter kill his first-born hybrid. Even though he is still pissed about the gang almost killing him.  Tyler has quite a few visitor’s, a new hottie named Hayley played by Phoebe Tonkin, shows up.  I love it already. Good casting.

Haley apparently helped Tyler through all those long lonely nights when he was trying to break his sire bond to Klaus, oh and that’s something Tyler forgot to tell Caroline about. But don’t worry she’ll find out because Klaus knows all about it. It took him one look at the girl and five minutes with Tyler to get to the bottom of it. The big giveaway was when Tyler tried to get rid of Caroline while Hayley waited in the study.

Over at Salvatore Manor Damon and Stefan have words. Damon is back to being his bitter first season self and Stefan is still pissed that Elena drank from Damon. When is Stefan going to get it. Elena and him are pretty much over in my opinion. Elena needs a vamp who can handle a good drink open vein style and that’s not Stefan, that’s Damon. Damon being the great anti-hero that he is decides to focus his anger on killing the new vampire hunter in town. Thank God someone is on the case. It didn’t seem like anyone else was up for the challenge.

Next Elena meets Matt in the school parking lot at their old make out spot. Really? Matt is quick to offer up a vein especially since he still feels guilty about Elena becoming a vamp. I think Matt also likes being needed by Elena and may be looking for way back to romantic bliss with her. He hates vampires unless his hot ex girlfriend becomes one. He is just your typical dude. Where was Stefan during Elena’s early morning snack? He is supposed to be schooling her in proper vampire decorum. Does he know Elena’s feeding on civilians, probably not!

Where was Bonnie the whole episode? She didn’t show up at school at all.

Stefan shows up in time for Ric’s history class, but sadly Ric is no longer with us, we don’t get to find out who the new history teacher is yet because Sexy Beks shows up and Elena for the first time in four seasons acts like a real high school girl and they get into a nasty high school girl argument reminiscent of a Lindsey Lohan movie,which no one in class seems to hear or see. I especially thought it was odd that no one saw Rebekah stake Elena with the pencil and even odder that Stefan didn’t jump to Elena’s defense and take it in the chest. Maybe he’s still bitter over her blood lust with Damon.

Connor shows up at school and tries to persuade Jeremy to out a vamp and he’ll train him as a hunter. What is up with Jeremy. His older sis is on team vamp now and doesn’t warn any of the vamps who saved their asses so many times that Conner is going to spike the keg at Rebekah’s party with Tyler’s werewolf venom. What if Elena had showed up at the part and drank it. Oh what she did! Jeremy  also decides to tell Connor that Dr. Fell has the big vamp hook up in town.

Connor also tries to get Matt to fess up on who the vamps are. He throws Rebekah under the bus since he has no plans to go to her party and she is mega bitch for making him drive off the road and kill Elena, even though she gave him a heart-felt apology. Wow does he hold a grudge.

Elena is also a grudger, she can’t let it go, that Beks killed her and now she gets to spend all of her eternity with two of the hottest vampires around. She hates that she hates Rebekah and acts like she has never hated anyone before. Really, she never hated Klaus? What about after he killed Aunt Jenna? Did she hate him then, I did. She resolves to go to Rebekah’s party, that’ll show her.

Damon somehow figures out where Connor’s trailer is and breaks in and gets arrowed which is rigged to a bomb. He calls Dr. Meredith Fell who rescues him and tells him what a good guy he is but don’t worry her opinion changes later when he blows up part of the hospital.

Before the party Elena rummages through Damon’s closets. He catches her and she tells him she needs some of his Bourbon. Stefan’s just isn’t good enough. What is that code for? Damon tells her to look in one of his drawers which of course is his underwear drawer as he starts to undress. He accuses her of looking for the White Oak Dagger, she leaves with the dagger in a huff at the first thought of getting a good look and what’s in those tight pants.

For some bad reason, Stefan takes Elena to the party. At the party Elena and April’s chat is interrupted in the kitchen by Beks who throws Elena’s daylight ring into the garbage disposal, Elena starts to burn and hides in the dark corner, but her rage propels her to show her arm down the garbage disposal and pull her ring out. Elena gets so enraged she pulls the dagger out of her stylish handbag, luckily Stefan stops her by telling her that she is not just killing Rebekah, she is killing every vampire she ever created.

Elena agrees and does a keg stand to show Rebekah up then leaves to do tricks on Stefan’s motorcycle, that scene was not one of the better ones I’ve seen on the show. I understand Elena needs to enjoy coming into her new powers, it just seemed trite and reminded me of Bella riding motorcycles in Twilight.

Rebekah falls ill at the party after drinking the spiked beer and hallucinates that she kills Matt. She falls asleep and April cleans up the house. Rebekah  feeling a camaraderie with April’s loneliness offers to help her find out what really happened to her father, the good Pastor Young.

When Stefan and Elena get back to Salvatore Manor it gets heated, but Elena starts visualizing Damon not her lover Stefan and realizes she is ill. Stefan somehow guesses right that she was infected with Tyler’s werewolf venom. He calls Klaus and begs for help, surprisingly Klaus gives it and tells Elena she is still useful to him. He’s a real team player this episode. I’m guessing he may not be the big bad anymore.

Jeremy leads Connor to the hospital. And he  follows a bandaged on the neck Dr. Fell into the storage room where is he trapped by Damon and Klaus, an unlikely duo. Klaus notices a mark on his weapon which tells him Conner is one of the Five. Then everything goes boom. Damon flies out into the hall. Dr. Fell gives him hell for blowing up part of the hospital and refuses to have drinks with him. It may take some time for her to become his new sidekick.

Somehow unknown to Damon, the hunter Connor survives. Klaus grills him on the Five. Connor has no clue what he is talking about. Klaus takes great joy in his ignorance of his heritage and tells him he just may be the most well protected vampire hunter in town.

Meanwhile back at the Gilbert House, Matt comes over to give Elena an evening snack and she loses control and almost kills him until Damon shows up and pushes her off of him. He quickly compels Matt to forget and he leaves. He then tells Elena he will help her. Finally Elena will get some real vampire training.

Predictions: Damon will eventually charm the pants off of Dr. Fell, maybe literally. Conner will be the most protected Vampire Hunter in town, I just don’t see him getting killed off anytime soon if ever. Stefan and Elena are going to grow further apart, yet Stefan and Caroline will get closer, maybe even become a couple. Hayley will seduce Tyler and other man she wants in Mystic Falls. Rebekah and April might actually become real friends. After all Rebekah is lonely and desperately wants one. Damon now has a new reason to stay in town help Elena this is going to get heated.