The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5 “The Killer” Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke,

This episode really hit me in the heart.  It’s beautiful how a mutual hatred can bring enemies together.

Stefan and Klaus are working together again almost like best buds except that Stefan still really hates him and all Klaus really wants his human blood bag Elena back, yet still it was fun to watch Stefan betray and lie to Elena even if it was for her own good.

The fun starts when Connor takes Matt, Jeremy and April hostage at the Grille. After four seasons I can’t believe this place is still standing and none of the customers seem to complain about the onslaught of violence that occurs on the premises. I guess the food must be killer.

Connor seems to think that a brigade of vampires is going to come running in like idiots to save the trio and if Damon were in charge he’d be right. However Klaus and Stefan are running this mission and Klaus has a better idea. Elena is over emotional about her brother being kidnapped and she wants to storm in there. But Stefan tries to talk her down and then vervains Damon to show he means business.

Meanwhile Caroline finds hot Haley at the Lockwood Mansion. However, they don’t have time for a cat fight due to the hostage crisis at the Grille.  Besides Caroline doesn’t know yet about Haley’s relationship with Tyler.

Klaus breaks up an argument between Tyler and Hybrid Dean and decides that Dean will go alone to the Grille to rescue Jer and the gang.

Damon awakens and Elena is still adamant about rescuing Jeremy and the gang. Damon tells her she has to kill Connor if given the chance. My first thought was, Ya right. Oh and Stefan took Damon’s daylight ring, what a Dic move!

At the Grille Jeremy realizes he was compelled to forget seeing Connor under chains at the Mikelson Mansion and he is not happy about it.

Dean comes through the front door of the Grille as Stefan sneaks in through a tunnel under the Grille. Luckily Matt and April were in the storage room alone trying to break into the same tunnel. Why Connor let them out of his sight was a question.

Of course Connor kills the hybrid the second he walks in. This hunter is one tough SOB, a lot tougher than, sweet serial killer Ric, may he rest in peace, never speak badly of the dead. Surprise, Elena walks in next and begs Connor to let Jer go. Connor refuses and Big Sis jumps him setting off another vampire killer explosion that misses her but hits little bro hard in the chest.  She saves Jeremy with her blood while Connor runs for it.

They all end up in the tunnel under the Grille, where Damon and Stefan get into it and Stefan finally admits why he is working with Klaus. It’s all to save Elena, stupid! But oh snap it’s too late

The hated, Vampire Hunter Connor finally got what was coming to him and at the hands of the sweet Elena. I must admit I went WTF when she snapped his neck so quickly and easily. I almost didn’t believe he was really dead.  But luckily I saw the next episode so I know he really is capute.  I think it was the line about Elena being the biggest monster that Jeremy would ever meet that put her over the top.

Elena feels terrible about being a killer and tries to bury Connor; she’s so distraught she forgets to wash the blood off of her face. You could tell Stefan didn’t find it attractive.

The whole time all of this going on Bonnie is with Professor Shane trying to get her witch on again. She was with him for seven hours of hypnosis and lighting candles. She seems to trust this guy a little too much too soon in my opinion, especially since he was the one who sent Connor to Mystic Falls. But Bonnie doesn’t know that, yet.

Back at Salvatore Manor, Damon and Stefan chit chat about why it’s so important to find this cure for Elena. It becomes obvious the cure is more for Stefan than Elena. He secretly can’t handle the thought of his sweet Elena being a vampire. He likes innocent high school girls and this dangerous vamp just doesn’t rev his motor.  Thankfully evil Damon announces he likes her either way.

Elena back at home in her bedroom left to her own devices after killing someone for the first time, this was questionable. Starts having hallucinations of seeing blood on her mirror that says, “Killer.” I don’t get why she is left alone with Jeremy after being turned let alone after her first kill. Shouldn’t Caroline at least being staying over for a few weeks?


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