A Life Eternal

Been editing these scenes this week.

Leslie Paxton was not taking calls about vampires. After Sarah’s disappearance, she wrote a version of the evening’s events that people would find believable, Sarah’s research had taken her too deep in the underground of twenty somethings role playing as vamps and someone killed her for it was the supposition.

Leslie knew the true story; she saw what really killed Sarah and it wasn’t some skinny twenty-year old playing Lestat or Dracula. She knew if she wrote the truth, no one would believe her let alone print it. The fictional articles caused her enough trouble as someone outed her. She gave up ten years ago, but the Internet had given her series of articles a life eternal. She put that part of her life behind her along with the hope of ever finding Sarah alive. Yet offers from quacks and reckless wanna be hunters still arrived. She hadn’t returned an email from any of them in the past ten years. But there was something different in the sound of Dan Okada’s voice. She listened to his message over fifty times in the past two days and cried twenty. She finally picked up the phone and dialed.


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