A San Francisco Intuitive and life coach, Kimberly writes Vampires, and Paranormal fiction with a blend of romance, history and dark humor. Her novel in progress is two stories that tie together, the main story is set in the modern-day New England town of Ashton, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.  The second story is in 1940s Munich, Germany.

Modern Day Boston: 30-year-old Dan Okada is a logical financial planner at a prestigious financial firm with his whole life carefully planned out, he doesn’t believe anything happens by chance. And he certainly does not believe vampires are real until he witnesses his best friend get attacked and kidnapped by one. Dan’s life spirals out of control after the attack, his reputation ruined because he stands by what he saw. With everything left to lose, he  teams up with Meredith a wannabe vampire hunter  to find His friend and hunt down any vampire who gets in their way. During their quest unlikely allies within the New England Vampire community emerge and Dan discovers how he actually has history with the vampires, that goes back centuries. As he always believed nothing happens by chance.


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