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She Brought Lighter Fluid

Dan had never decapitated a dead body before, but he was willing to try. Especially if it meant saving Jim from an undead existence of blood drinking and killing his friends.  
His stomach was a fire pit. He put on his goggles which were slippery from the sweat on his face. He grabbed the ax, stood back to swing, then hesitated.

“What the fuck am I doing?” He said as he turned to Meredith.
“He can wake up any minute Dan,” she said. “You have to do it.”
“Wait didn’t it say in one of the journals that we can burn them?” He asked. “Are we even sure he’s going to become one?”
“I have lighter fluid in the car,” she said.


A Special Kill

The vampire drank every drop Jim had to give, then dropped his body in the December snow. The electric liquid danced through his undead veins, giving him a brief euphoria topped off with a light buzz in his chest. Blood dripped down his porcelain face, he reached for the blood stained handkerchief in his coat pocket. He was ready to bolt when he realized who he had dropped in the snow. The buzz in his chest turned to fire, then to a ticklish laughter as he remembered how much he hated Jim Summers. He was told how to dispose of bodies, but not tonight. This was a special kill, one everyone should see.