Writing Prompts

The writer’s prompts I post are based on the crazy crap I experience in everyday life.

Writing prompts are a great way to help with writer’s block.  Basically you see the prompt and just start writing anything that comes to mind based on the prompt. I have done this whenever I get stuck and sometimes it’s amazing what comes out of it.  I will be posting Writing Prompts as much as I can for those who like to use them. I will also be posting the prompts on Twitter.


It’s all about him

She’s not coming back until June

I could really go for a doughnut right now

She’s delusional

It’s a fishbowl

He was uncomfortable

She was an alcoholic, a drug addict and a smoker

He’s waiting for a hotter woman to show up

Send me your synopsis, sure what’s that?

I don’t want him back

She’s in Vegas that weekend

There she goes with that drama again

His parents ruined our relationship

More luxury condos should solve the housing problem

It’s called Orgasmic Meditation

Swamp Crack

She can’t be alone for a minute

Would someone call HR already!

She opened her legs first

Do Buddhists believe in God?

It’s called money laundering

Bottomless Mimosas

The Séance Room

It’s going to be like Christmas!

It was the second worst match.com event I’ve ever been too

I know what we need, more compliance!

She keeps her cocaine in them

She now understands the greatness of East Coast pizza!

In corporate speak they have displaced her

Just call me Vince

He told him to F off!

I need five days without her!

It’s just like East Coast Pizza!

Thank God my TV is still analog

She said the aliens come through the TV at night

He actually watched

He’s a vampirologist!

The answer is both

They are watching me or protecting me…

You are going to think I’m crazy, but…

It’s good to be Jack

He’s kind of OCD

I saw Jenny again

Erotic Hypnosis

I couldn’t keep my pants on!

It costs extra to cleanse your aura

Look it’s the Lord!

Oh, that’s weird….

Pirates Alley is right next to the Cathedral

We were covered in white powder

I walked right past it on Royal Street

What the hell is in the attic?

She said they repelled down the side of the building

At night the shutters fly open

They have a tour for that

Would you like that drink to go?

I think the waiter is a vampire

The Pope has to bless them

They ‘re not ants they are termites

They were already drunk at 4p.m.

Balls of Steel

They do it better in Atlanta

I think he’s a vampire

He never returns her calls


Stop, just stop talking!

He hates Mondays

The snarky waiter

We won’t be renting there

It’s on Powell Street

She reminds me of Rose

He’s no ladies man

Hot rain

She’s suing for what?

The Dog Park

It was delicious

It all stems from the lack of leadership from the top down

Where do I begin…

Orange Lights

Oh no she didn’t!

Chicken and Waffles

BMW’s always have the right of way

South Beach, Miami


Entitled and Lazy

Everyone’s pregnant, I hope this isn’t contagious

The vampires at Lafayette Park


She was three hours late and didn’t care

Lets tell everyone on Facebook

Her name is Adalynn

She got drunk and caused a scene

You’re invited as long as you can work for us

$12 Million for Shrubs

Plastic bags

It seemed like a good idea…


The swimming pool had a glass bottom

He screamed in the middle of the street.

They think mermaids are real…

She plans on marrying for money

He’s had work done!

There’s just no getting through to her

The cat’s name is Tucker

She’s a loner

He can’t sit still

Blonde twins

We are surrounded by water

She said it was Nikki’s idea

The balcony wrapped around the whole apartment

She thinks he’s obnoxious and yet….

His blue eyes are so deep…

Hello, Old Sport…

We were very drunk and…

That place near that thing…

It’s very purple…

This is why no one likes her.

She is staying in Windsor.

“Incapable of Living in the moment” Conan O’Brien

Magic Mirrors

He always jumps to the wrong conclusions

I told them she was evil

He’s too eager

She’s Preggers!

I danced with a crazy blonde and some guy from New Zealand

She stole the wine too!

He won’t stop talking about how rich he is.

Women aren’t allowed inside

We made it up the hill

He just winked at you

I love that mean cat!

Cubic Zirconia means forever!

Corporate Sabatoge

Mr. Grumpy Pants

They finally fired her

They’re engaged!

They can’t force her to do anything

He sits behind me


They want me to Skype


They have no shame

The boss is not as clueless as they thought

Flu Shot

He is just too clingy

A much needed holiday

She just won’t quit

He asked me for money

Flight Delay

The White Storm

Dreams of Vampires and Sugar Plums

A Christmas tree made out of beer cans

Pissed off

It’s almost over

At Last



She doesn’t wear pants

Well that’s a revelation

She left her husband for him…

The homes by the river



White owl



The Fog


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