Rough Draft,

As they drove past Schartzer Villa on their way to the airfield, they saw a woman struggling who had just been hung from a tree on their front lawn.

“Stop the car,” Henry yelled.

“No, keep driving,” Tegan said.

“Why, we can save her. Stop the car.”

“It’s Petra Wolf, Henry.” Tegan said.

Milton stopped near the tree. Henry seemed not to care, he jumped out of the car and ran to her. Tegan followed behind him. Petra dangled and kicked.

“Milton, please keep Elia in the car,” she said.

“Try to be still, Petra. I’m going to shoot the top of the rope.”

“Henry, you are saving someone who does not deserve to be saved,” she said. “This woman turned people in to the Gestapo. Innocent people died because of her. Friends of mine died because of her. Her choices have consequences.”

“We are better than that. If we don’t save her we become her,” he said as he fired and missed.

“Henry, you may kill her accidentally.”

Tegan jumped up onto the tree and climbed to where the rope met the branch. She pulled the knot apart with her bare hands dropped Petra to the ground. She gasped for air as rolled to her side.

“Who did this to you?” Henry asked. “Help me get her into the car.”

“No, I’ve done my good deed for the day.”

“You will all die. The Shadow has seen you,” Petra said. “The Reich will rise again and ….”

Tegan knelt down and ripped Petra’s heart out of her chest. Petra gasped one last breath that came out as a loud groan.

“Some people are always ungrateful,” Tegan said as she pulled out a handkerchief from her sweater pocket. Henry stared at Tegan as she wiped the blood off of her hands.

“You were right,” he said as he hung his head.

“No, I’m just old. In my thousand years I’ve seen the same patterns in people repeat over and over. They never learn. They are slow to evolve.”


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