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The Vampire Diaires Season 3 Episode 7 Ghost World Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Lexi smashing Stefan’s head off of a car awesome!  Why is Lexi not a regular? Hint, hint, make her a regular on the show.  No one ever dies in Mystic Falls as we have seen. I’m sure there’s a way to bring her back for good.

The show opens with Damon finding himself chained to a chair in the same manner in which he tortured and killed Mason Lockwood.  Stefan says it wasn’t him. Obvious vamp to blame. He loosens the chains and leaves the room as Mason who can’t be seen yet by anyone opens the curtains just for kicks. Damon starts to fry, but breaks free and drives into town to tell Bonnie (witchy) and Caroline (Blondie) that Mason is back  so Bonnie better get down with the witchery and fix her jacked up spell.

Last week, when Bonnie and Matt did a counter spell to make Vicki vanish, it apparently opened a portal for other supernatural beings. Maybe the next time a hundred dead witches tell Bonnie not to do something she will listen. They did tell her there would be consequences. The biggest one of all being that even though she saved Jeremy’s life she has still lost him.

As Bonnie and Caroline rush off to find an answer, Bonnie drops her handbag and her grimoire magically flies open to the page that explains how to close the portal. “Please tell me that’s a recipe for witch cookies,” Caroline says. This was one of the funniest lines of the night.

I put my money on that being the work of good witch, Grams, who shows up later to help Bonnie fix her mess.

Alaric, Elena and Jeremy discuss the ghost situation. Elena thinks it may be a good idea to bring Lexi back to help Stefan since she helped him through his Ripper phase before.  Stefan shows up and interrupts and mentions he’ll be at the festival that evening after all “There will be a lot to eat there,” he says with his Ripper grin. Elena and Alaric throw angry and confused looks at him and then he says that he is kidding. Luckily Lexi does show up and slams his dead head off a car window, which no one else seems to notice in broad daylight.

Back at the Grill, Mason shows himself to Damon and Alaric and smashes a glass against Damon’s head right at the bar once again no one else notices or cares? What kind of small town is this? Mason wants to help Damon destroy Klaus in order to save Tyler from a future wrought with debauchery.Tyler was noticeably missing from this episode as was Rebekah. They must have been off together having a snack.

Mason first needs to hear Damon apologize. This werewolf ghost has his priorities in order.  Damon offers up a weak apology along the lines of I sometimes do things I do not have to.  The same line he will use later in the cave to try and win back his bromance with Alaric.

Damon heads off to the cave with Mason and walks into a Founder booby trap where several stakes go through him, luckily missing his heart.  I think Damon worked off a lot of Karma in this episode.  Mason saves him and they move on, but at one point Damon gets stuck in an anti vampire barrier. Someone witched up the cave many years ago.

Back at Damon’s, Bonnie the good witch is desperately trying to find the ancient necklace that Elena used to wear, once again it is the main ingredient to close the portal and send the ghosts back to Dead Vampire Purgatory. Caroline and Bonnie tear through Damon’s place but can’t find it.

Elena walks in on Jeremy and Anna making out. All the good kisses get interrupted on this show.  And this was a kiss that was long awaited. Elena tells Caroline who tips off Bonnie.

She then takes off to help Lexi who has Stefan chained up in the vampire torture dungeon. She uses vampire psychological tactics to rip The Ripper out of him. Elena watches with hope and fear in her eyes as Lexi compels Stefan to think that he is starving of blood.  I didn’t think a vampire who wasn’t an Original had that kind of power over other vamps. How old is Lexi anyway? Maybe she is super old and can almost compete with the originals.

Meanwhile, The Annual Festival of Death and Blood in Mystic Falls came early this season with all the tomb vamps coming back.  One would think the town folk of Mystic Falls would get it by now that a night time festival at Town Square is only going to end in mayhem and death.  And yet the place was packed as usual. Anna runs into them and is understandably freaked especially when her and Jeremy see the dead Historian bleeding and on display for the town’s viewing pleasure. The town folk run for their lives as if surprised that horrible things happen in Mystic Falls.

Back at the Vampire Torture Dungeon, Stefan fights to keep his Ripper status. Elena gets worn down and goes outside for air. She sees Jeremy and Anna and tells her brother he has to let Anna go. She gives him this super great advice about not dating a ghost. My first thought was, hypocritical much? What about your dead boyfriend and his dead brother that you totally secretly are crushing on? Why can’t Jeremy have a dead girlfriend?  Any way Anna admits she took the necklace because she wants to find her mom.  Jeremy returns it to Bonnie for the spell.

Bonnie and Grams Sheila work their magic and the ghosts one by one start to vanish. Caroline catches a break while fighting a bunch of vamps that try to attack the Mayor. They vanish right as she is kicking the hell out of them.

Anna and her mom Pearl reunite and embrace then vanish off to the vampire nether world. Did anyone else notice how fabulous and done up Pearl looked; the other side is treating her well.  Pearl is another character that I think got killed off too soon. I would like to see more of her.

Elena returns to Stefan and tells him “I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life.”  Stefan has a look of anguish on his face which made me wonder for a moment if he is coming back.  Elena leaves him chained up in the Dungeon, now that’s tough love.  Is Elena finally coming to her senses? It’s doubtful. This girl loves to love.

Jeremy tries to explain himself to Bonnie, but she is not having it, she tells him “Give me the respect of not making me listen to you explain yourself.” Good line Bonnie.  I think this relationship is over, because Bonnie is no Elena, she’s not even Caroline and she will not put up with her man, cheating, killing people and whatever else all the other girls put with in Mystic Falls.

Since Mason vanishes just as he has a eureka moment in the cave, Damon gets Alaric to come back and help him since there is a vamp barrier he can’t get across. Damon tries to use the same awful apology he gave Mason. Alaric calls him on it and Damon, who cannot express his emotions to men, gives him cute smiley looks and Alaric seems to halfway respond to it! He goes off into the cave and finds what Mason saw, old hieroglyphics that can’t be read. My first thought was “Oh just like on Smallville.” which also aired on the CW.  Speaking of Smallville, it would be fun to see Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex Luther show up in Mystic Falls, just an idea I’m throwing out.

I enjoyed the episode overall, some things that were missing were Katherine and Mikael. I kept waiting to see how her getting fed on at the tomb was resolved. I missed Tyler and Rebekah, especially Rebekah; she’s not the kind of girl to miss a town festival full of delicious locals. Since all these other ghosts came back, it would have been fun to see more of Pearl.

Predictions: Much fun ahead with the whole theme of going back in time to find out about the Originals. I bet Mama Original will make Rebekah look tame. Katherine of course will survive Mikael’s feeding. Bonnie and Jeremy are over at least for now. I think this is a good opening for Bonnie and Matt to get together. Stefan will keep on ripping, that storyline is too good to let go. Elena and Damon will get closer and Alaric will disapprove. Damon will have to decide between his favorite girl and his favorite bro.


Highlights from the Secret Circle Episode 7

By Tegan O’Rourke

“How many witches are there in Chance Harbor?” Cassie asks. Grandma Jane replies “It’s hard to say” Is this town some kind of supernatural vortex like the Hell Mouth in Sunnydale? The question arises after she and Calvin Wilson the owner of the Witch Out accidentally touch and mirror breaks.

The girls find a piece of the weapon Simone tried to kill Cassie with last week. She tells Jake who then spells her car not to start. He heads over to The Witch Out where he threatens to kill Calvin and tells him when Cassie comes by not to answer any of her questions when she shows up. He is so cute when he’s vengeful. And he is vengeful; his parents Richard and Sarah Armstrong were killed due to witchcraft as was his brother Nick recently. So Jake is smoking mad.

“I’m nothing like the rest of you. Trust me,” Jake says to Melissa at Nick’s grave. Melissa made the mistake of trying to bond. Sorry girl he will not be your new booty call.

The gang finds out that Simone was actually a witch hunter by matching up the symbols on the piece of her weapon with the same symbols on a blade at the Witch Out.

Meanwhile Jake meets up with the other witch hunter, the guy who plays the werewolf hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf.  Jake spells a bunch of small glass bottles which once filled with blood and personal objects can be set on fire to kill witches.

Cassie tells Jake that Simone was not a witch but a witch hunter. Jake plays it cool.

The Halloween party is rockin as Diana shows up and shows Adam she’s one kitty he can’t have.  Adam tries to get her back Diana but Diana isn’t having it, she’s no one’s second choice.

Calvin shows up at Ethan’s boat. He tells him about Cassie showing up at the store and asking questions. Calvin questions Cassie being Amelia’s daughter and tells Ethan she needs to know her real father is, someone named John Blackwell who is a “big bad” as they used to say on Buffy.

Faye lures Jake upstairs, while Melissa gets chloroformed and kidnapped outside the party. Cassie dressed like a cute little bumble bee sneaks into Jake’s place and finds a knife with the witch hunter symbols on it. She sees Faye and Jake making out in her bedroom from Jake’s window and says “Really Faye in my bedroom?”  Jake rejects Faye as usual he’s just not into feeling her up in her little red outfit. For being such a hot girl she doesn’t get much action.

Jake comes back and catches Cassie with the knife.  They both play dumb and make up excuses for themselves until Faye arrives and asks Jake “Is this what it takes to get you excited a little girl with a knife,” Faye has the best lines on the show.

One by one the rest of the circle gets chloroformed and taken back to the witch hunter lair.

Calvin tells Jake that Cassie has dark magic inside of her. Jake doesn’t believe Calvin that people can change and he kills Calvin with the spelled jar.  Isaac the head witch hunter tells Luke a school chum of the Circle to kill them. They beg Luke not to but to no avail, Luke is your typical witch hunter zealot. Luckily Cassie really does have dark magic in her and sets him on fire, as Jake is trying to convince Isaac that Cassie has the darkness in her. Once again Cassie doesn’t seem to give a crap that someone is dead and this guy was her date that she literally fried, ouch!

Isaac runs off at the first sign of Luke being barbequed which is odd, since crazy zealots are normally eager to die if they think they are conquering evil.  Jake fakes an injury as the circle member’s escape, he claims he was attacked and brought there like the rest of them. The kids all stare him down with looks of you big fat liar!

Adam stops by Diana’s and gets tearful but Diana will not bend. Maybe she’s holding out for Jake. As for Adam, I don’t remember high school boys being this talkative about their feelings, maybe times have changed and they talk more than girls now.

Cassie confronts Jake and he asks if she trusts him and she replies, “Not really.”  It’s going to be hot when they make out especially since she doesn’t trust him. Jake’s going to be so conflicted he will never be able to kill her; Just like Spike couldn’t kill Buffy.  Jake leaves and Cassie receivesa mysterious envelope with some kind ancient looking witchery inside.

Grandma Jane finds Faye’s dead grandfather but someone comes up behind her and knocks her out as she starts chanting a spell. Don’t worry it’s doubtful that Grandma Jane kicks it so soon in the series,  after all who would be left to raise Cassie, her evil dad that she doesn’t know–yet? I hope so!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 6, Smells Like Teen Spirit

By Tegan O’Rourke,

What the wolf! Uncle Mason is back and still hot.  So I guess this is the show where everyone dies, but no one really dies. I like it. The constant WTF moments and cast cuteness keep me coming back every week.

The show opens with Alaric training Elena on the art of vampire staking, which she should have learned in season one, but better late than never. I do hope Alaric gets a new love interest. He needs to channel all that vamp hating energy somewhere. Maybe it can be Bonnie’s mom. I heard they are casting for the role of Abby Bennet. Anyway the lesson doesn’t go well, Ric tells Elena to start working out.

The day at Salvatore Manor begins with Damon walking over dead girls bleeding all over the expensive rugs while Stefan plays Twister with his morning snack of young girls. Damon actually complains about the blood stains on the rug, which I thought was very adult of him. Rebekah crashes their morning banter by moving in, uninvited of course. She actually seems lonely and unnerved about Klaus leaving her.

Elena, Bonnie and Caroline arrive for the first day of their senior year which is clouded by the bad behavior of all of their boyfriends. Elena stands and wallows in the memory of her first year anniversary with Stefan, who has no intentions of missing the first day of school. Ric’s history class is full this year, even Rebekah takes a seat right up front, like a total nerd.  I think she’s going to ace Ric’s history class. After all she lived through most of what he’ll be teaching.

Bonnie and Jeremy bicker about his obsession with Ana, his dead vampire girlfriend.  I think it’s time Bonnie moved on to Matt, he seems lonely and he’s adorable.  Poor Matt is caught up in Vicki drama. Vicki convinces him to bring her back. She made a deal with the first witch on the other side so she can come back as long as she kills Elena. She forgot to tell Matt that part, before he sacrificed his blood for her.

During football practice Tyler compels the coach to let everyone go early so they can get drunk at the bonfire. Caroline warns him not to use his vampire powers like that but their chat is interrupted by the new cheerleading star Rebekah flipping and twisting all about for Tyler’s amusement.  When I was in high school vampires didn’t make the cheerleading squad, but then again they used to look gothic and scary.  I guess it’s ok if they are blonde and bubbly.

The gang is freaked out by Stefan taking history class so they devise a plan to capture him. I guess being called a human blood bag made Elena hit her limit. Damon, Ric, Elena and Caroline are all on board, but when they ask Tyler to get some vervain from his mom all of a sudden he shows his allegiance to Klaus. Damon realizes he has been sired. Ric tranquilizes him and tells Caroline to get a new boyfriend. Don’t Stefan and Damon have a cellar full of vervain? At least they did in season one.

The plan resumes, everyone is playing their part at the bonfire. Damon tries to seduce Rebekah with hot marsh mellows and I mean hot. So hot that Elena is caught glaring at Damon like a stalker by Stefan who really is a stalker.  Elena huffs off, while Rebekah, who is no Barbie Klaus, stabs Damon in the stomach. This scene was almost has hot as Damon pulling Elena towards him to show her how to stake a vampire. I hope she never has to use that move on him.

Stefan follows Elena to the bleachers in stalker like fashion. She acts drunk and pretends to slip off the top until she purposely slips and Stefan rushes to catch her—a little too fast for someone who doesn’t care.  Elena tells Stefan, that she knew he’d catch her just as Alaric tranquilizes him with vervain. They take him to Alaric’s SUV. Vicki is standing by enjoying a cigarette and gets the idea to set the car on fire. Elena is trapped inside, so she awakens Stefan who kicks off the back door and she escapes, and helps Stefan get out as well.

Vicki’s plot is foiled by Matt and Bonnie who cast a spell to stop her and bring her back to them. She begs Matt to let her stay but he knows she will always cause trouble so he sends her back to the other side. It looks like Bonnie may not be the only witch in town; Matt didn’t seem to have any trouble making Vicki corporeal again. Maybe they can start a coven.

But is Vicki really gone? Hells no, she can’t be. That girl has a lot more drama to deliver to Mystic Falls. I was actually surprised when they killed her in season one. Even then I felt as though there was so much more mayhem she could have caused.

Back at Salvatore Manor, Stefan asks Elena why she saved him. She tells him, “I know who you are better than anyone Stefan, and I’m not giving up,”  Stefan asks “Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?,”  “No Stefan, that makes me strong.” And then Elena stakes him in the stomach all Buffy style.

I saw pieces of the old Stefan in this episode, he may just be pretending to be compelled by Klaus or maybe somehow the compulsion has ended but he still thinks he has to play the game to protect Elena.

Damon seems hurt by the fact that Alaric can’t forgive him for killing him.  Plus he can’t really make a move on Elena. What torture, I hope the writers give him a new pal, maybe him and Michael will bond. He decides to deal with the blood stained rug when a vase is thrown at him by the dead werewolf, Mason Lockwood. This was the big WTF moment of the night for me. I had no clue he was coming back to the show and I like it. He may be the only one who can talk some sense into Tyler.

Tyler and Caroline make up when Tyler tells Caroline “Everything I like about you is me.” As a woman I had a moment of “Oh how sweet.” Then my thoughts lingered to I wonder when him and Rebekah are going to get it on.  Caroline exits and Rebekah arrives with a gift. Tyler tries to stand his ground, but his inner vamp and twisted dedication to Klaus propel him to feed.

Throughout the episode Kitty Kat is trying to get Michael to wake up. She finally succeeds with human blood, then he tells her he doesn’t drink human blood and he grabs a bite of her for dinner. I can’t wait to see this Michael the vampire, vampire hunter stir things up. I’m sure Damon has already made up the guest room for Michael. Why not Rebekah just moved in, I wonder if she and Katherine will share bunk beds. Damon is missing a major financial opportunity if he doesn’t start making all of these vamps pay rent. Didn’t their mansion used to be a boarding house?

And no, Katherine is not dead. The fans would revolt; there would literally be protests outside the CW studio if they killed her off for good.

There were a lot of cute lines in this episode, like Damon calling Rebekah “Barbie Klaus” and Stefan calling Elena “a human blood bag” ouch.

Predictions: Katherine is now tied to Michael, possibly sired. Jeremy and Bonnie will split and he will go back to Ana who is now in physical form.  Tyler and Caroline will not last long now that Rebekah has her red vamp eyes on him. Two blonde hot vampire girls are just too much even for a hybrid to handle. Klaus will return and he and Tyler will start a new bromance, it may get very deep and emotionally charged. I think Tyler can give Klaus what he needs emotionally in ways Stefan couldn’t.

The Secret Circle, Season One Episode Six, Wake Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

Burning Crescent Moons, new blonde boy to crush on, ok I’m starting to get into the Secret Circle. At first it was just the show that came on after The Vampire Diaries, but now it’s getting pretty good. I was shocked last week when Nick was killed off and figured the kids would find some magical way to bring him back, but no dice, it looks like he is being replaced by his older broker Jake who is a cutie!

Cassie looks stunned as her Grandma tells her the Circle isn’t really broken because it involves everyone in the gang’s bloodline! That was a  clever way to bring Jake into The Circle. The consensus is that Jake is bad and treated everyone like crap well at least Faye feels that way.

Since Grandma Jane helped exorcise the demon from Melissa she now knows about the Circle. She tells Faye’s mom she knows the Circle is bound and that Nick was taken over by a demon. She asks mother dearest for her help watching over the kids. Good luck with that, she’s all about the witchery.

“Who died and made you Queen Witch?” Faye asked when Cassie brings up the notion of bringing Nick into the Circle. It seemed odd that she would want him in so quickly without knowing him, especially since she has been so skittish the whole time about joining the group herself.

After the gang sees a crescent moon on fire outside their lair they get the creeps and Cassie tells Grandma Jane about it. Jane tells her it means they have been marked, basically threatened by another witch. Faye confronts Jake privately, they apparently had a thing, sparks will most likely fly again or he’ll end up going after Cassie.

Anyway Cassie is alone at the house when she is attacked by a freaky chick who says she wants her blood.  Conveniently bad boy Jake just happens to be coming home and hears Cassie screaming. He rushes in all good guy style and starts chanting a spell to make her go away. The girl’s eyes get all red just like the Vamps on the Vampire Diaries and she runs away.

The gang doesn’t like the idea of bringing Jake on board, but Cassie is set on it. Faye warns her that he will sleep with her and break her heart into a million tiny little pieces, then storms off because she is over him.

Grandma Jane whips out another crystal; I thought they couldn’t get anymore. The kids are lucky to have an older good witch on their side. She tells Cassie not to tell anyone about it and explains that crystals are lenses to magnify power.

Jake actually knows the girl her attacked Cassie, her name is Simone, she is hot stuff. Jake busts into her tacky motel room and they scuffle. He wants Cassie’s blood back “It’s too soon for bloodletting.” Jake tells Simone. I was hoping she’d be another good casting edition until Cassie accidentally helps Jake kill her outside of the restaurant, Cassie doesn’t seem too upset over her first accidental witch murder.  I’m assuming there will be more.  She tells Jake he can’t leave Chance Harbor. “The bad is coming they’re already here.”

Jake already seems like an interesting character. Is he a good guy or bad guy? Most likely he will be bad but like Damon on TVD have his moments of hot goodness.

Adam’s drunken father, Ethan is really busted up over Nick’s death.   I hope this guy starts getting better lines other than ones about destiny, love and the stars. Adam plays the adult and tells his dad to slow down on the drinks. Jake plays on dad’s drinking problem and starts a fight with Adam.  And out of respect for Nick, adam tries to punch Jake in the face at the wake, classy.

Charles, Diana’s dad accidently calls Jake, Nick, his guilt over having to kill Nick is evident, even though he had no choice; the kid was taken over by a demon after all.  It’s interesting how Charles didn’t have a conscience when he killed Cassie’s mom in the pilot, I wonder when that will come up?

Ethan warns Diana that Adam and Cassie are destined to be together, as Adam and Cassie have a chat in the bar about how he doesn’t like her around Jake. At first I think this is is going to be a long tormented affair, with a lot of dialogue like, “Oh know we shouldn’t and “What about Diana.” But then Diana not being a doormat, dumps Adam, go Diana!

It turns out Jake is in town to avenge the deaths of his family, he is a Witch Hunter and in cahoots with the guy who plays the Werewolf Hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf. I’m ok with typecasting, werewolf hunter, witch hunter it’s all good because the actor is very believable as guy who hunts supernatural beings.

Best line of the night:  When Faye says “Is Jake in there, because I am so over him.”

Predictions: Jake will crush on Cassie and not kill her like he is supposed to and as an interesting twist to the standard tormented lover triangle; Adam will actually choose Diana over Cassie!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5 The Reckoning, More Like an Hour of WTF!!

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Tyler is a Hybrid; this isn’t going to end well. Jeremy and Katherine helping each
other, I smell a sick romance on the rise. Can’t wait!

The biggest shocker of the night for me was Rebekah didn’t kill anyone. Wow does
that girl have restraint. Is there some kind of law against killing other vamps?
I mean really she could have toasted Caroline pretty easily. Klaus must have
other plans for her since she is still alive/undead.

It all started with hotty Matt pumping iron in the school gym at night, seemed
like not a smart idea. But as the episode unfolded it was clear, Matt was not
full of smart ideas just a lot of heart and bravado. Anyway, Matt hears a
creepy noise in the creepy dark school where chaos ensues at least twice a
season. So he walks through the dark halls to investigate and oh joy, it’s just
high school senior prank night. Oh the memories! Caroline wants everyone to
have the best senior year ever.  You know something she can remember fondly a thousand years from now, since she will never die. I thought that was touching.

Elena runs off all by herself to superglue Ric’s desk shut, when she runs into Klaus.

“You are supposed to be dead,” he says. “What are we going to do about that?” Um,
nothing because she is the star of the show and you can’t kill her. So just torture her and get on with it. Klaus puts on an American teacher accent and tells the kiddies to go home, except for Bonnie, Matt and Dana and another kid, named Scott, I think. Basically Klaus wants to have some fun torturing people in front of Elena.

Meanwhile Damon and Katherine are on that exciting road trip Katherine promised last
week, yet they are driving around in circles and after she kisses him for a pretty long time while he’s driving he pushes her away and rejects her then pulls over to figure out what she is up to. A girl that hot always has a plan. She pops the trunk and there is Jeremy.

Kat tells Damon that Pearl told her about a vamp/vamp hunter who can kill Klaus. Since Pearl is dead, Ana is their only hope, thus Jeremy needs to communicate from the beyond with her. Ana comes for Jeremy but won’t help Kitty Kat until Damon slams Jeremy’s head off the picnic table he’s sitting on. Ana spills that Michael is the guy they need but they would be Craaazy to wake him, because he’s a no nonsense vampire killing, vampire. So she tells them where to find him.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan wakes up in the back of a moving truck. Stefan asks Rebekah
what is going on.  “You took a beating,” Rebekah replies. “My brother’s been breaking your neck all afternoon. Quite the temper.”

She calls Elena a cow and Stefan attacks her, but Rebekah can handle herself and she
shoves a crowbar into his chest. Eventually they both run back to the school.  Rebekah introduces herself to Tyler and Caroline as “The New Girl,” which was cute.  She hangs with or holds them captive for a bit while playing with an I Phone, pretty tech savvy for a vamp who probably never had the chance to use a rotary phone. She sees a picture of Elena wearing her necklace and freaks, “Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?” She takes out Caroline and forces Tyler into the gym where Klaus bites Tyler and tells Bonnie she better go get her witchy grimoire to fix the spell so he can create hybrids, because he’s wicked lonely. It is obvious Stefan just isn’t fulfilling his emotional needs.

Bonnie and Matt run out from the gym and Bonnie confides to Matt that she can’t help
because the old dead witches cut off her juju when she brought Jeremy back to life. Bonnie tries to reach Jeremy because he can communicate with the dead. But has no luck. So Matt has the bright idea to kill himself by drowning so he can contact his dead sister Vicki, who will know how to help, because it’s totally believable that Vicki a dead vampire stoner would have made acquaintance with the most powerful witch in the world on the other side.

Stefan shows up and Klaus tests him by smacking the crap out of Elena. Stefan jumps Klaus
and gets served, then compelled to kill the two kids in the gym, minor characters we’ve seen maybe only once before. So you know they are going to die. He kills them and then Klaus tells Stefan if Bonnie isn’t back in twenty minutes he is to feed on Elena. Then scampers off so Stefan and Elena can have some soulful angst ridden dialogue about the direction their romance is headed in. Elena thinks Stefan can fight the urge to drink her blood, but he explains,

“The more blood I get the more I want and if I get so much as near yours you are dead.”

Stefan tells her to run because he can’t fight the urge to drink her or Klaus’s order, after
all he’s no Papa Forbes. She finally runs, Stefan chases but throws himself into lockers to give her time.

Funny thing about Vicki, it works! Vicki, who looks pretty hot for a dead, ghost vampire tells
Matt that Elena has to die. He tells Bonnie; Klaus overhears and realizes after a thousand years of trying to break the curse that the original witch was probably lying the whole time. So now he can’t kill Elena he just needs her blood. Thus he gives it to Tyler who wretches in pain then his eyes go all gold and wolfy and he grows fangs, success!

Stefan still fighting his urge to drink Elena to death, stakes himself in the chest. Klaus
catches him.

“I’ve never seen this before,” he says. “The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.”

That did it, Klaus realizes the bromance wasn’t real and it’s time to force Stefan to befriend him. Klaus tells Stefan to turn his human nature off, but Stefan won’t do it. “TURN IT OFF.”
Klaus yells. Stefan can’t fight it and goes into what looks like epileptic shock and then gives an evil grin signaling The Ripper has returned.

Damon comes back to town to save Elena, but encounters Klaus in the hospital parking lot. Klaus tries to strangle him, when Damon tips him off to how he knows about Michael and he is
coming to town. Klaus wigs out and runs. Damon finds Elena involuntarily being drained of her blood. He craves for a minute then releases her and takes her to Salvatore manor where he gives her much needed Bourbon.

They make tortured I love you but we shouldn’t eyes at each other, and Damon says”I promise you I will never leave you again.” Fans have been waiting two years for this one scene and it didn’t disappoint.

“Well isn’t that cozy?” Stefan says. Elena is speechless. Damon greets his brother. The Ripper grins and tells them Klaus has sent him to look after Elena. But it’s not over yet. Kitty Kat and Jeremy find Michael’s Tomb, pretty lucky how close it is to Mystic Falls.  They break in, Michael opens his eyes, fade out roll the credits. Great Episode. Some are saying even better than Episode 3, The End of The Affair. I am still voting for the End of the Affair as the best Episode, but this was pretty darn good.

I am getting a kick out of the fact that all of this drama has ensured just because Klaus, the most powerful vampire in the world doesn’t seem interested in world domination, he just seems lonely. After a thousand years you’d think he’d have a hot vamp posse. Maybe he should just join a book club.

Predictions: Bonnie and Matt get close, real close, this could complicate her relationship with Jeremy who is fine because he already has two dead ghost vampire girlfriends and now he and Katherine are teaming up. It’s getting hot in here. Even though Kat looks just like his sister Elena, remember this romance can happen because Elena is actually only Jeremy’s half sister/cousin and Katherine is a five hundred year old vamp who technically isn’t related to Jeremy at all. Go ahead Vamp Diary writers I dare ya to put Jeremy and Katherine together in a romance. Damon and Elena will grow closer; Elena will grow to hate this new Stefan. The Ripper and Rebekah will rekindle their romance, but somehow, Stefan will fight thru his ripper mentality and still feel love for Elena. Can’t wait!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 4 “Disturbing Behavior” Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

(Damon/Ric Bromance hits the skids)

Warning! I use the term Bromance at least 3 times in this

Disturbing Behavior was a good title for this episode. Damon went off the rails which was fun to
see again.  Caroline got rough with Damon; Katherine tried to play nice with both brothers. Jeremy and Ana’s chemistry was hotter than ever.

The dialogue was great.  Rebekah: “There has to be more to this
dress.” Stefan: “There’s not.”
Rebekah: “So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then? I
got dirty looks for wearing trousers.”
Klaus: “You wore trousers so women today could wear nothing.”

Loved this banter, it was also logical for Rebekah to get some modern clothes and not walk around in 2011 dressed like a 1920’s flapper. It’ll be fun to watch her figure out how to use the Internet and the IPhone! They should take her to Starbucks next week and introduce her to the $3 a cup coffee.

I like Rebekah, looks like we are going to get some fun dialogue out of her.  Which made for a light opening scene and gave Stefan a chance to meet up with Katherine who seemed eager to help, but Stefan rejected her devious aid. Katherine makes it clear she knows about the necklace and tells Stefan to basically bromance Klaus in front of Rebekah to create tension. Stefan foolishly doesn’t take her advice.

Gloria the hot new witch on the scene did a spell to find Rebekah’s necklace. She picked up on Elena and the girls but wouldn’t tell Klaus what she saw. This in the moment gave me hope that she could be a powerful ally to Stefan. However, when Stefan went back to talk to her privately she told him she wanted the necklace for herself. Stefan tried to kill her but Gloria is no ordinary witch and she gave him an aneurism like Bonnie often did to Damon.

Then she strapped him to a table, shirtless, (nice touch) had time to light a hundred candles and drain his blood and try to drain his memories and essence to find the necklace. This part was a bit unrealistic. Wasn’t she concerned that Klaus would come back? Where were Klaus and Rebekah the whole time she was doing this? Out getting lunch I guess. Stefan did tell Klaus to pick whatever he wanted for lunch.

Just as Gloria learned Elena was the doppelganger and still alive, Katherine shows up and kills her.  I am beginning to see that Katherine can evolve into a female version of Damon, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Stefan is perusing the family coffins when Rebekah shows up. He asks her why she hasn’t undaggered the rest of her family. She tells him because Klaus is an evil bastard and it’s easier just to play along. He asks too many questions about who Klaus is running from and Rebekah gets suspicious. She attempts to kiss him and then knows he will never love her. Klaus shows up and she literally throws him to the Wolf/Vampire–Hybrid.

Back in Mystic Falls, Ric and Caroline both express concern over Damon and Elena getting closer. The tension was clear in the kitchen where Elena was making chili. The concerned parental look on Ric’s face as he watched Damon and Elena bantering was beautiful. This bromance is going to get rocky.  I like how Ric is coming around and taking responsibility for two teenagers he is not related to. It takes a village!

The necklace burns Elena’s neck and Bonnie takes it to try and figure out what magic is behind it. The one scene that seemed a little unbelievable was when the girls were at the Lockwood’s trying to figure out the magic in broad daylight in front of everyone.

Caroline also tries to tell Elena that Damon cannot be changed. Later on at the Lockwood mansion, Ric tells Damon to take a beat with Elena, twice. Damon gets mad and goes off to the Vampire Council meeting.

Bill, Caroline’s gay vampire hating dad shows up and threatens to out Damon and put vervain in the towns’ water supply. Damon tells Elena and Ric that Daddy Bill wants to out him and then in Damon style says “Don’t get me started on the irony of that.” He then decides to kill Daddy Bill.

Damon: “I should have killed him this morning.”
Elena: “He’s Caroline’s dad.”
Damon: “Yeah. And when I kill him she’ll have one more parent than we

Ric tries to stop him with persuasive dialogue like “Oh c’mon.” And so Damon temporarily kills him. Elena starts screaming “What’s wrong with you?” Which is funny that  she still doesn’t
get how evil he is.  At least Damon checked to make sure Ric had his ring on before he killed him.  As Elena tries to tend to Ric, Damon storms back to the mansion to feed on Bill. Elena calls Caroline to go save her hater dad and interrupts her hot sweaty vampire/wolf sex with Tyler.

Caroline rushes in and pushes Damon off her Dad. They start kicking the crap out of each other vampire style. Damon pins her down and says “I’m stronger than you, little girl.” Caroline responds “I’m angrier.”  Great line! Then she head butts him and throws him off of her, grabs daddy and speeds out of the room.

Elena runs in with her usual disapproving/disappointed look, which is so cute! They argue and Damon makes it clear he is not Stefan and struts out of the room, like only Ian Somerhalder can. Good stuff.

On the Jeremy/Ana front things get complicated by Bonnie’s return. Ana lets Jeremy know that she appears when he thinks of her and they even make physical contact. The chemistry between them is still hot. I hope there is a way to bring her back into human form or vampire form at least. Not sure if she was the one who made the books go aflame. But after she warned Jeremy about the darkness he was ready to shut her out and tell Bonnie everything. It was sad to see her calling to Jeremy as he confided in Bonnie.

Later Bonnie is outside at the Grill when she thinks Elena shows up and asks for her necklace back. Bonnie hands it over without getting any witchy juju on the fact that it is actually Katherine she is handing the necklace to.Bonnie proceeds to tell Katherine about Jeremy and Ana.Katherine for some reason keeps playing along then as a waitress walks by, she bolts.

Caroline confronts Elena about her feelings for Damon. Elena tells her she can’t even
think about it for one minute, because then what kind of person would she be? Caroline tells her “Human.” Caroline also sees her Dad leaving town. She tries to convince him that being a hot blonde, cheerleading vamp isn’t all bad.

Caroline: “Daddy. I’m going to be okay.”
Bill: “You’re a vampire sweetheart. I don’t’ think you’ll ever be okay again.” Ouch, Bill is a total dick! Maybe Damon should have been allowed to kill him.

Back at Damon’s its cocktail time. Ric wakes up from being dead and is pretty bitchy about it and won’t accept Damon’s drink or typical half assed apology. This is always so cute!

Ric: “You killed me.”
Damon: “You pissed me off.”
Ric: “You killed me!”
Damon: “Ric, no hard feelings, alright? I was on a bit of a tear, and
everyone was trying to tell me how to behave.”
Ric: “Maybe they finally realized you’re a dick.”

Ric walks out and goes back to the Lockwood mansion where he demands a seat on the Council. He aptly points out to Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood, their private dilemmas due to their own supernatural children and tells them someone needs to look out for the humans of Mystic Falls.

Damon doesn’t have much time to reflect on his (I’m pissed because everyone wants me to be good dilemma) because Lady Katherine shows up.  She tries to convince Damon to run off with her for some vampire mischief. “I’m just a girl looking for a partner in crime.” She tells him.  Damon doesn’t ponder too long and decides to go with her, just as Klaus shows up in Mystic Falls with Stefan, perfect timing to leave Elena unattended.

Predictions: Damon and Katherine will grow closer, Katherine will be more helpful than anyone could have imagined. We haven’t seen the last of Ana or Vicki. Jeremy and Bonnie’s romance may become complicated due to the return of all of his dead vampire girlfriends.  We haven’t seen the last of Daddy Bill either.  Elijah will be back soon, most likely because Stefan will unstake him. Ric and Damon’s bromance will continue to crumble as Ric turns into bad ass super dad and a formidable foe on the Council.  Can’t wait until next week!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3, The End of The Affair, Thoughts, Opinions and Predictions

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously posted on The Supernatural Weekly

What a great episode.  I love the Klaus and Stefan used to be friends angle and Rebecca! She is going to be a kick ass character who I’m sure will stir up a lot of trouble. I love that Stefan once loved her and now that Klaus a.k.a. Nick compelled him to remember that, things are going to get even more complicated and interesting then they already are on this show. Good stuff! Rebecca may be the one thing that really will keep Stefan away from Elena, because let me guess Klaus will threaten to kill Rebecca now if Stefan doesn’t play along and Stefan obviously still has feelings for Rebecca so he isn’t going to let that happen. 

The 1920’s flashbacks were believable and well done.  It was such a good episode I didn’t realize I missed Bonnie until the end.  It looks like she will be back next week.  I hope she is related to Gloria the new witch on the scene that would be cool.

It was great to see Katherine again, looks like she has been tracking Stefan and Klaus the whole time. Katherine is a much more complex character then has yet been revealed. I think she really does love Stefan and at least cares for Damon since she saved him in the season 2 finale.  She may even care for Elena eventually since Elena is her only relative.  So now we are up to three women vying for Stefan’s affections, Elena, Katherine and now Rebecca. This is going to be a hot season. At least Elena has Damon to fall back on.  I liked seeing Katherine following Stefan even back in the 1920s, nice touch. She really did know where he was all along.

The necklace was great foreshadowing. It was originally Rebecca’s, and then Stefan gave it to Elena. Now Rebecca and Klaus need it.  Giving the necklace of your old girlfriend to your new girlfriend is normally a real Dick move. But alas Stefan didn’t remember Rebecca so he is forgiven. Stefan better run back to Mystic Falls and politely ask for it back before Rebecca finds out. Women get real bitchy about that sort of thing.

It will be interesting to see how Elena and Rebecca act around each other. It would not be unrealistic for each of them to get the other’s emotions and actually have a mutually respect for how f#$cked they both are. Or it could go the other way which is equally believable, Rebecca deciding to rip the necklace off of Elena’s cold dead neck.  Either way, Elena needs to return the gift because it may be the only thing to protect Klaus and Rebecca from whoever was and or is chasing them.

Who in the world could frighten Klaus an original and now a wolf/vamp hybrid? Perhaps the cop at the speakeasy is really some kind of supernatural vampire hunter who doesn’t age or die and is still on their trail. That would be interesting. 

Some things that didn’t add up for me: Why was Stefan’s apartment vacant and untouched for over eighty years?  How did Klaus not sense Elena hiding in Stefan’s closet? Or maybe he did. He’s a hybrid after all; he should have sniffed her out and killed her. And Damon’s didn’t seem too concerned about Elena almost being found in the apartment by Klaus. That would have been an awesome guy opportunity to hold her and tell her everything is alright because he is going to protect her and then maybe they would awkwardly or accidentally kiss.  Moment lost!

Also why does Caroline’s dad think he can burn and starve the vampire out of her? If he has been on the Council all these years he should know it can’t be done. The show is normally tight on loose ends and plot holes so this was a lot of inconsistencies for one episode but overall they did an amazing job.

As for Caroline and Tyler that romance is hot. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but as of last night I’m completely on board. Let’s face it Matt is a great guy but he just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be dead or a werewolf. However, I do think that eventually his sympathy will grow as he delves deeper into communicating with dead through Jeremy. I was happy to see that Sheriff Forbes saved her daughter and is willing to overlook all the years of vampire hating and accept her. That is something only a mother can do.

One last thing, a lot of people online weren’t getting why Klaus went by Nick. As I recall is name was Nicklaus and he just used Klaus for short.  I must admit that is easy to overlook, you have be a total diehard; accept no dates on a Thursday night fan to catch that.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 2 The Hybrid Recap

 By Tegan O’Rourke, previosuly posted on The Supernatural Weekly

Main thought on “The Hybrid”, Thank God, that plot line is over!  Why would Klaus need or want a hybrid army? It just doesn’t jive. He is all powerful and yet he seems lonely at the top.  I want to see an intense Bromance between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Stefan (Paul Wesley).

The Urban Dictionary describes bromance as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.” Ya I want to see more of that! Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will ride bikes together shirtless.

Stefan needs more stuff to brood about. He is so cute when he broods. I’m currently brooding over Bonnie. Why is Bonnie missing? I heard Kat Graham just wrote a book of poems called “The Blue Sky Chronicles.”  You Go Girl!

The episode centered on Elena, Alaric and Damon heading into Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains to track Stefan. Meanwhile Klaus tries to turn a bunch of freaked out werewolves into vampire/werewolf hybrids.  Luckily they all die since the lifting of the curse was ruined by Elena coming back to life. I was worried that Klaus saw it in tortured Stefan’s face for a second there.

The idea of Damon trying to subdue the wolf that got away seemed crazy to me since he almost died last season due to a wolf bite. Thankfully Elena can’t live without Damon anymore than she can’t live without Stefan so she decided it was time to leave as it grew dark.

Back in Mystic Falls Tyler (Michael Trevino) realizes his mother has abducted Caroline (Candice Accola) and forces Mayor Lockwood to watch him turn into a werewolf. After seeing what a monster her son is, she becomes a hypocrite and calls on Vampire Hunter Bill to call off the intended staking. But Bill won’t budge all vamps must die; no exceptions not even his daughter, Caroline! But don’t worry folks, based on next week’s preview it looks like Daddy Bill may just torture or pray the vampire out of her.

Jeremy (Stephen R. McQueen) tries to convince Matt (Zach Roerig) to help him contact Vicky who tells Jeremy she can come back. Then Anna shows up telling Jeremy not to trust Vicky. I think this is just a ghostly cat fight personally.

My favorite scene of the night was Damon showing up in Elena’s bedroom after they safely returned from the werewolf adventure, which provided some great dialogue for romance buffs. “When I drag my brother from the edge and bring him back to you I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone.” Damon knowing that Elena is developing feelings for him, needed to hear Elena admit she cares for him.

Best line of the night, when Damon tells Elena about Stefan killing Andie Starr, “Happy Birthday Elena, Stefan killed Andie, cake?”

Hopes for next week, the return of Katherine, Bonnie and Elijah, seeing Stefan go further down the rabbit hole and more details into the appearances of every dead vampire girl, Jeremy ever dated.

Damon’s Naked and Stefan Rips through Tennessee, The Vampire Diaries Are Back!

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously published on The Supernatural Weekly

It’s about time Elena saw Damon naked. Ian Somerhalder is still hot, but that new hairdo has to go!

This will not be a blow by blow of the season premiere you can read that on a hundred other sites already, I did. My main thought is–I loved it! 

I only had two tweaks, cut Damon’s hair and Bonnie should have been at Elena’s birthday party. What teenage girl misses her BFF’s 18th birthday party? It doesn’t happen! Bonnie (Kat Graham) is an integral character. I definitely noticed she was missing.

Ok, enough of my bitching, my favorite parts were of course Stefan (Paul Wesley) losing control and being conflicted about it as he joyfully rips off body parts, then feels bad and tries to put them back together. The phone call at the end seemed to make one believe there is still hope for Stefan as he started to cry as Elena (Nina Dobrev) tells him “Stefan if this is you, you’ll be ok. I love you, Stefan. Hold onto that. Never let that go.” That was so sweet to see that young love can conquer any obstacle, even serial killing.

The second most awesome part was Vampire Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and Werewolf, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) violently hitting the sheets, then Mrs. Lockwood shooting Caroline in the back, that MILF definitely has an NRA card.

Funniest line of the episode, when Damon asked Alaric to hold down the fort and he replied “You mean the fort filled with my drunk history students?” How would that look if the cops showed up? Alaric is the history teacher to these kids, oh wait Sheriff Forbes, Caroline’s mom wouldn’t do a darn thing about it since they are all in cahoots together to keep the town free of bad vamps. I was surprised that none of Alaric’s students asked him to hold their beer for them   while they urinated on the Salvatore lawn though.

Things I want to see: bring back Elijah soon, bring back Catherine. I also think it would be hysterical if Bonnie who hates Damon end up banging him and has an immense shame over it, (Like Buffy did over Spike). And then Damon starts to like Bonnie a little bit, even though Elena is still his number one teen crush.

Happy Birthday Elena, your boyfriend Stefan, wanted to make it but he was too busy killing his brother’s playmate, Andie Starr. It’s obvious to me that both Elena and Damon need to console one another, by having nasty vampire sex just as Stefan comes to his senses and walks in on them.

True Blood Recap and Season 5 Predictions

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously posted on The Supernatural Weekly

Is Tara Really dead? Doubt it!

As Usual the season finale of HBO’s True Blood based on the popular Charlaine Harris novels did not disappoint. Plenty of characters got what was coming to them and one Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) didn’t deserve it.  I let out a loud gasp when Marnie/Lafayette stabbed the very likeable Jesus in the chest.

What a brilliant actress Fiona Shaw is, going from Aunt  Petunia in Harry Potter to the evil and pathetic Marnie.  I really disdained her, she was fabulous. Of all the villains on this show she got off easy in the end being taken on to the otherworld by the forgiving Antonia.

Nan Flanigan played by Jessica Tuck, didn’t get such an easy send off. After four seasons of being the face of vampires everywhere she finally got a stake in the heart, compliments of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

The last death was that of emotionally imbalanced werewolf Debbie Pelt  (Brit Morgan). Was anyone else shocked at how fast Sookie (Anna Paquin) took her head off? But alas the shock of the night other than Reverend Steve Newland showing up on Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) doorstep with fangs was Tara taking a bullet for Sookie. I have a hard time believing Rutina Wesley is leaving the show even though she is being coy about not knowing what comes next.

My hopes and predictions for Season Five are as follows:

Hunky werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganielo) and Sookie will start a long awaited romance next season, now that the whole sexual tension between Sookie and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) has been dissolved this season by them finally doing the deed.

Reverend Steve Newland really is a fanger.  That would be hilarious. But don’t worry about Jason, Jessica or someone else will save him from Reverend Fanger. Eric is just plain evil again as he should be. Bill and Eric constantly come between Sookie’s relationship with Alcide. Oh and Tara really isn’t dead, she comes back with some kind of supernatural power.