The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3, The End of The Affair, Thoughts, Opinions and Predictions

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously posted on The Supernatural Weekly

What a great episode.  I love the Klaus and Stefan used to be friends angle and Rebecca! She is going to be a kick ass character who I’m sure will stir up a lot of trouble. I love that Stefan once loved her and now that Klaus a.k.a. Nick compelled him to remember that, things are going to get even more complicated and interesting then they already are on this show. Good stuff! Rebecca may be the one thing that really will keep Stefan away from Elena, because let me guess Klaus will threaten to kill Rebecca now if Stefan doesn’t play along and Stefan obviously still has feelings for Rebecca so he isn’t going to let that happen. 

The 1920’s flashbacks were believable and well done.  It was such a good episode I didn’t realize I missed Bonnie until the end.  It looks like she will be back next week.  I hope she is related to Gloria the new witch on the scene that would be cool.

It was great to see Katherine again, looks like she has been tracking Stefan and Klaus the whole time. Katherine is a much more complex character then has yet been revealed. I think she really does love Stefan and at least cares for Damon since she saved him in the season 2 finale.  She may even care for Elena eventually since Elena is her only relative.  So now we are up to three women vying for Stefan’s affections, Elena, Katherine and now Rebecca. This is going to be a hot season. At least Elena has Damon to fall back on.  I liked seeing Katherine following Stefan even back in the 1920s, nice touch. She really did know where he was all along.

The necklace was great foreshadowing. It was originally Rebecca’s, and then Stefan gave it to Elena. Now Rebecca and Klaus need it.  Giving the necklace of your old girlfriend to your new girlfriend is normally a real Dick move. But alas Stefan didn’t remember Rebecca so he is forgiven. Stefan better run back to Mystic Falls and politely ask for it back before Rebecca finds out. Women get real bitchy about that sort of thing.

It will be interesting to see how Elena and Rebecca act around each other. It would not be unrealistic for each of them to get the other’s emotions and actually have a mutually respect for how f#$cked they both are. Or it could go the other way which is equally believable, Rebecca deciding to rip the necklace off of Elena’s cold dead neck.  Either way, Elena needs to return the gift because it may be the only thing to protect Klaus and Rebecca from whoever was and or is chasing them.

Who in the world could frighten Klaus an original and now a wolf/vamp hybrid? Perhaps the cop at the speakeasy is really some kind of supernatural vampire hunter who doesn’t age or die and is still on their trail. That would be interesting. 

Some things that didn’t add up for me: Why was Stefan’s apartment vacant and untouched for over eighty years?  How did Klaus not sense Elena hiding in Stefan’s closet? Or maybe he did. He’s a hybrid after all; he should have sniffed her out and killed her. And Damon’s didn’t seem too concerned about Elena almost being found in the apartment by Klaus. That would have been an awesome guy opportunity to hold her and tell her everything is alright because he is going to protect her and then maybe they would awkwardly or accidentally kiss.  Moment lost!

Also why does Caroline’s dad think he can burn and starve the vampire out of her? If he has been on the Council all these years he should know it can’t be done. The show is normally tight on loose ends and plot holes so this was a lot of inconsistencies for one episode but overall they did an amazing job.

As for Caroline and Tyler that romance is hot. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but as of last night I’m completely on board. Let’s face it Matt is a great guy but he just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be dead or a werewolf. However, I do think that eventually his sympathy will grow as he delves deeper into communicating with dead through Jeremy. I was happy to see that Sheriff Forbes saved her daughter and is willing to overlook all the years of vampire hating and accept her. That is something only a mother can do.

One last thing, a lot of people online weren’t getting why Klaus went by Nick. As I recall is name was Nicklaus and he just used Klaus for short.  I must admit that is easy to overlook, you have be a total diehard; accept no dates on a Thursday night fan to catch that.


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