Highlights from the Secret Circle Episode 7

By Tegan O’Rourke

“How many witches are there in Chance Harbor?” Cassie asks. Grandma Jane replies “It’s hard to say” Is this town some kind of supernatural vortex like the Hell Mouth in Sunnydale? The question arises after she and Calvin Wilson the owner of the Witch Out accidentally touch and mirror breaks.

The girls find a piece of the weapon Simone tried to kill Cassie with last week. She tells Jake who then spells her car not to start. He heads over to The Witch Out where he threatens to kill Calvin and tells him when Cassie comes by not to answer any of her questions when she shows up. He is so cute when he’s vengeful. And he is vengeful; his parents Richard and Sarah Armstrong were killed due to witchcraft as was his brother Nick recently. So Jake is smoking mad.

“I’m nothing like the rest of you. Trust me,” Jake says to Melissa at Nick’s grave. Melissa made the mistake of trying to bond. Sorry girl he will not be your new booty call.

The gang finds out that Simone was actually a witch hunter by matching up the symbols on the piece of her weapon with the same symbols on a blade at the Witch Out.

Meanwhile Jake meets up with the other witch hunter, the guy who plays the werewolf hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf.  Jake spells a bunch of small glass bottles which once filled with blood and personal objects can be set on fire to kill witches.

Cassie tells Jake that Simone was not a witch but a witch hunter. Jake plays it cool.

The Halloween party is rockin as Diana shows up and shows Adam she’s one kitty he can’t have.  Adam tries to get her back Diana but Diana isn’t having it, she’s no one’s second choice.

Calvin shows up at Ethan’s boat. He tells him about Cassie showing up at the store and asking questions. Calvin questions Cassie being Amelia’s daughter and tells Ethan she needs to know her real father is, someone named John Blackwell who is a “big bad” as they used to say on Buffy.

Faye lures Jake upstairs, while Melissa gets chloroformed and kidnapped outside the party. Cassie dressed like a cute little bumble bee sneaks into Jake’s place and finds a knife with the witch hunter symbols on it. She sees Faye and Jake making out in her bedroom from Jake’s window and says “Really Faye in my bedroom?”  Jake rejects Faye as usual he’s just not into feeling her up in her little red outfit. For being such a hot girl she doesn’t get much action.

Jake comes back and catches Cassie with the knife.  They both play dumb and make up excuses for themselves until Faye arrives and asks Jake “Is this what it takes to get you excited a little girl with a knife,” Faye has the best lines on the show.

One by one the rest of the circle gets chloroformed and taken back to the witch hunter lair.

Calvin tells Jake that Cassie has dark magic inside of her. Jake doesn’t believe Calvin that people can change and he kills Calvin with the spelled jar.  Isaac the head witch hunter tells Luke a school chum of the Circle to kill them. They beg Luke not to but to no avail, Luke is your typical witch hunter zealot. Luckily Cassie really does have dark magic in her and sets him on fire, as Jake is trying to convince Isaac that Cassie has the darkness in her. Once again Cassie doesn’t seem to give a crap that someone is dead and this guy was her date that she literally fried, ouch!

Isaac runs off at the first sign of Luke being barbequed which is odd, since crazy zealots are normally eager to die if they think they are conquering evil.  Jake fakes an injury as the circle member’s escape, he claims he was attacked and brought there like the rest of them. The kids all stare him down with looks of you big fat liar!

Adam stops by Diana’s and gets tearful but Diana will not bend. Maybe she’s holding out for Jake. As for Adam, I don’t remember high school boys being this talkative about their feelings, maybe times have changed and they talk more than girls now.

Cassie confronts Jake and he asks if she trusts him and she replies, “Not really.”  It’s going to be hot when they make out especially since she doesn’t trust him. Jake’s going to be so conflicted he will never be able to kill her; Just like Spike couldn’t kill Buffy.  Jake leaves and Cassie receivesa mysterious envelope with some kind ancient looking witchery inside.

Grandma Jane finds Faye’s dead grandfather but someone comes up behind her and knocks her out as she starts chanting a spell. Don’t worry it’s doubtful that Grandma Jane kicks it so soon in the series,  after all who would be left to raise Cassie, her evil dad that she doesn’t know–yet? I hope so!


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