The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5 The Reckoning, More Like an Hour of WTF!!

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Tyler is a Hybrid; this isn’t going to end well. Jeremy and Katherine helping each
other, I smell a sick romance on the rise. Can’t wait!

The biggest shocker of the night for me was Rebekah didn’t kill anyone. Wow does
that girl have restraint. Is there some kind of law against killing other vamps?
I mean really she could have toasted Caroline pretty easily. Klaus must have
other plans for her since she is still alive/undead.

It all started with hotty Matt pumping iron in the school gym at night, seemed
like not a smart idea. But as the episode unfolded it was clear, Matt was not
full of smart ideas just a lot of heart and bravado. Anyway, Matt hears a
creepy noise in the creepy dark school where chaos ensues at least twice a
season. So he walks through the dark halls to investigate and oh joy, it’s just
high school senior prank night. Oh the memories! Caroline wants everyone to
have the best senior year ever.  You know something she can remember fondly a thousand years from now, since she will never die. I thought that was touching.

Elena runs off all by herself to superglue Ric’s desk shut, when she runs into Klaus.

“You are supposed to be dead,” he says. “What are we going to do about that?” Um,
nothing because she is the star of the show and you can’t kill her. So just torture her and get on with it. Klaus puts on an American teacher accent and tells the kiddies to go home, except for Bonnie, Matt and Dana and another kid, named Scott, I think. Basically Klaus wants to have some fun torturing people in front of Elena.

Meanwhile Damon and Katherine are on that exciting road trip Katherine promised last
week, yet they are driving around in circles and after she kisses him for a pretty long time while he’s driving he pushes her away and rejects her then pulls over to figure out what she is up to. A girl that hot always has a plan. She pops the trunk and there is Jeremy.

Kat tells Damon that Pearl told her about a vamp/vamp hunter who can kill Klaus. Since Pearl is dead, Ana is their only hope, thus Jeremy needs to communicate from the beyond with her. Ana comes for Jeremy but won’t help Kitty Kat until Damon slams Jeremy’s head off the picnic table he’s sitting on. Ana spills that Michael is the guy they need but they would be Craaazy to wake him, because he’s a no nonsense vampire killing, vampire. So she tells them where to find him.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan wakes up in the back of a moving truck. Stefan asks Rebekah
what is going on.  “You took a beating,” Rebekah replies. “My brother’s been breaking your neck all afternoon. Quite the temper.”

She calls Elena a cow and Stefan attacks her, but Rebekah can handle herself and she
shoves a crowbar into his chest. Eventually they both run back to the school.  Rebekah introduces herself to Tyler and Caroline as “The New Girl,” which was cute.  She hangs with or holds them captive for a bit while playing with an I Phone, pretty tech savvy for a vamp who probably never had the chance to use a rotary phone. She sees a picture of Elena wearing her necklace and freaks, “Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?” She takes out Caroline and forces Tyler into the gym where Klaus bites Tyler and tells Bonnie she better go get her witchy grimoire to fix the spell so he can create hybrids, because he’s wicked lonely. It is obvious Stefan just isn’t fulfilling his emotional needs.

Bonnie and Matt run out from the gym and Bonnie confides to Matt that she can’t help
because the old dead witches cut off her juju when she brought Jeremy back to life. Bonnie tries to reach Jeremy because he can communicate with the dead. But has no luck. So Matt has the bright idea to kill himself by drowning so he can contact his dead sister Vicki, who will know how to help, because it’s totally believable that Vicki a dead vampire stoner would have made acquaintance with the most powerful witch in the world on the other side.

Stefan shows up and Klaus tests him by smacking the crap out of Elena. Stefan jumps Klaus
and gets served, then compelled to kill the two kids in the gym, minor characters we’ve seen maybe only once before. So you know they are going to die. He kills them and then Klaus tells Stefan if Bonnie isn’t back in twenty minutes he is to feed on Elena. Then scampers off so Stefan and Elena can have some soulful angst ridden dialogue about the direction their romance is headed in. Elena thinks Stefan can fight the urge to drink her blood, but he explains,

“The more blood I get the more I want and if I get so much as near yours you are dead.”

Stefan tells her to run because he can’t fight the urge to drink her or Klaus’s order, after
all he’s no Papa Forbes. She finally runs, Stefan chases but throws himself into lockers to give her time.

Funny thing about Vicki, it works! Vicki, who looks pretty hot for a dead, ghost vampire tells
Matt that Elena has to die. He tells Bonnie; Klaus overhears and realizes after a thousand years of trying to break the curse that the original witch was probably lying the whole time. So now he can’t kill Elena he just needs her blood. Thus he gives it to Tyler who wretches in pain then his eyes go all gold and wolfy and he grows fangs, success!

Stefan still fighting his urge to drink Elena to death, stakes himself in the chest. Klaus
catches him.

“I’ve never seen this before,” he says. “The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.”

That did it, Klaus realizes the bromance wasn’t real and it’s time to force Stefan to befriend him. Klaus tells Stefan to turn his human nature off, but Stefan won’t do it. “TURN IT OFF.”
Klaus yells. Stefan can’t fight it and goes into what looks like epileptic shock and then gives an evil grin signaling The Ripper has returned.

Damon comes back to town to save Elena, but encounters Klaus in the hospital parking lot. Klaus tries to strangle him, when Damon tips him off to how he knows about Michael and he is
coming to town. Klaus wigs out and runs. Damon finds Elena involuntarily being drained of her blood. He craves for a minute then releases her and takes her to Salvatore manor where he gives her much needed Bourbon.

They make tortured I love you but we shouldn’t eyes at each other, and Damon says”I promise you I will never leave you again.” Fans have been waiting two years for this one scene and it didn’t disappoint.

“Well isn’t that cozy?” Stefan says. Elena is speechless. Damon greets his brother. The Ripper grins and tells them Klaus has sent him to look after Elena. But it’s not over yet. Kitty Kat and Jeremy find Michael’s Tomb, pretty lucky how close it is to Mystic Falls.  They break in, Michael opens his eyes, fade out roll the credits. Great Episode. Some are saying even better than Episode 3, The End of The Affair. I am still voting for the End of the Affair as the best Episode, but this was pretty darn good.

I am getting a kick out of the fact that all of this drama has ensured just because Klaus, the most powerful vampire in the world doesn’t seem interested in world domination, he just seems lonely. After a thousand years you’d think he’d have a hot vamp posse. Maybe he should just join a book club.

Predictions: Bonnie and Matt get close, real close, this could complicate her relationship with Jeremy who is fine because he already has two dead ghost vampire girlfriends and now he and Katherine are teaming up. It’s getting hot in here. Even though Kat looks just like his sister Elena, remember this romance can happen because Elena is actually only Jeremy’s half sister/cousin and Katherine is a five hundred year old vamp who technically isn’t related to Jeremy at all. Go ahead Vamp Diary writers I dare ya to put Jeremy and Katherine together in a romance. Damon and Elena will grow closer; Elena will grow to hate this new Stefan. The Ripper and Rebekah will rekindle their romance, but somehow, Stefan will fight thru his ripper mentality and still feel love for Elena. Can’t wait!


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