The Secret Circle, Episode 9, Balcoin, Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

A pretty tame mid season finale for the Secret Circle, no real cliffhanger, at least we learn that Jake really does have feelings for Cassie and it looks like he will be on team good witch from now on.

It turns out Cassie’s dark magic lineage goes back four hundred years to a family called Balcoin, a big bad dark magic clan who eventually changed their name to Blackwell. Of course Jake helps her discover this at the Circle’s hangout. Her and Diana research the family line and come up with nothing which makes Cassie suspicious so she heads to Calvin’s which is all locked up since he is dead.

Later she asks Jake to the dance and it doesn’t go well. Jake denies he has feelings for her but she doesn’t believe him. She feels the “magic” between them. I couldn’t resist.  His rejection is almost believable until she leaves and he starts angrily throwing things around his room. He also watches her get ready for the dance with sweet teen romance eyes from his window across the way.

Cassie asks Grandma Jane about the Blackwell Family Tree, but Jane is having memory issues thanks to Charles and can’t answer her.  Apparently Charles’s spell is going to have consequences.

Jake comes over  to apologize, admit there is something between them and take Cassie to the dance. That short red dress paid off.

Charles shows up to take Dawn to chaperone the dance but before the fun can begin Dawn once again asks him for the crystal. He refuses and she reminds him that he still needs her.

At the dance  Charles greets Jane who tells him she is “Just watching Ameila have fun,” He looks concerned and says “You mean Cassie.” Later on she recalls how obsessed Dawn used to be with John Blackwell. Charles who seems to have no interest in Dawn looks offended and questions her on Blackwell. She interjects with how about that horrid spell you did on Jane, if she is never the same it’s all your fault.  Apparently the spell has messed with her memory in ways he did not anticipate.

Faye has Adam spy on Cassie and Jake at the dance, since she knows that “Jake doesn’t do caring.” Adam leers at them from a corner like a jealous ex boyfriend. Their sweet slow dance gets interrupted by Isaac calling Jake. After all Jake was supposed to leave town not crush on Cassie. Isaac informs Jake that the Council wants them to take Cassie to them right away. Jake assures Isaac he is still on board and goes back to the dance to trick Cassie into going with him. Luckily Adam who was still spying runs and tells Faye that Jake is a witch hunter.

Jake takes Cassie back to his room. He tells her of her family’s dark witch history. She flips on him and turns it into relationship drama. He tries to warn her that people will come for her, they will want her power and she needs to leave with him. Cassie will not hear it after all this is really about Jake’s trust/committment issues.  Adam texts her telling her Jake is a witch hunter. Cassie acts like the text is nothing and agrees to go with him but first she needs to get her things. He tells her she really can trust him, which normally is a big clue not to trust that person.  Cassie of course gets abducted and Jake who tries to save her gets knocked out.

Faye of all people, notices that Jake actually cares for Cassie and convinces Adam to let him help them get Cassie back. Adam plays hero and foolishly sneaks onto Isaac’s boat to save Cassie. Isaac knows something is up when Jake starts blowing out lights with his power. He grabs Adam ruining the escape plan.

Jake runs to the rescue as Cassie threatens to use her dark power. Isaac being not just a tool but also a coward lets them go.  The kids set the dock on fire to ensure their getaway. Jake tries to convince Issac that Cassie is good and the darkness doesn’t have to affect the Circle. Isaac says she is not the only Blackwell in the Circle. Ooh, how exciting, I’ll put my money on Diana not being Charles’s real daughter because Faye would be too obvious. It should be interesting to learn in January how many women of the former Circle John Blackwell bedded down.


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