The Secret Circle, Recap “Breath” Episode Eight

by Tegan O’Rourke

A lot of predictable scenarios from other horror franchises but overall this episode was well done.  Faye in the tub saw that scariness coming a mile away.  The show still is not in Vampire Diaries territory, but it’s getting better.

The gist of the episode centered on the kids partying at Faye’s Grandpa’s house. Cassie gets a text that Grandma Jane is heading back home so she thinks all is well. The gang doesn’t suspect that Grandpa has been murdered and go about their teen hi jinks.

Faye has a stereotypical horror bath tub scene that scares the alcohol out of her. She blames Cassie which is crazy since Cassie has better things to do like fight her attraction to Jake and keep her dark power in check.

The fun resumes with truth or dare which ends when Faye loses her buzz and good mood after Cassie kisses Jake in front of everyone. Well she asked for it and Cassie calls her out in front of everyone, which forces Faye to dramatically run out of the house.

On her way out, Faye sees a child running around all alone in the rain, she chases. Cassie comes out of the house also sees the child and chases.

Diana notices Adam’s reaction to the kiss and they also head outside and fight in the shed which obviously leads to them having sex. Who didn’t see that coming?  I was worried that Diana was not sticking to her plan, but then after she got her sex on she dumped Adam again the next day. Harsh! I felt bad for Adam and I thought his line of “I don’t want you to know what it’s like without me,” was heartfelt and borderline stalker all at the same time.

Dawn and Charles go to the kid’s secret hangout and find Diana’s spell book and use it to manipulate Grandma Jane into forgetting she found Grandpa Henry’s dead body– oh and he takes the crystal she found.  Why they didn’t just make Grandma Jane give them back their power is beyond me. After all Grandma Jane is one of the elders who originally put an end to their generation’s circle.

Charles is still a confusing character he has guilt over killing Nick, but doesn’t seem to have guilt over killing Cassie’s mom.

Cassie sees the mysterious little girl on the dock and she runs after her, but she disappears.  Cassie senses something, probably with her dark power and puts her hands in the water and up comes Grandpa Henry!

Dawn comes out and plays the concerned mother/daughter and the kids head home. Jake meets up with Witch Hunter Isaac, who is also the same guy who plays the Werewolf Hunter on MTV’s Teen Wolf. And yes I mention that in every post. I find the typecasting hilarious. Anyway Isaac tells Jake he needs to decide if he is still with the witches or the hunters.

Back at home Cassie and Grandma Jane reunite. Cassie gives Jane back her scarf, but Jane has no memory of being in the house thanks to Charles. Cassie and Jane both look at each other like what the F… and the Ladah dah dah song comes on ending the episode.

This Saturday is the last episode for the winter, it will most likely be filled with a few cliff hangers like Cassie and Jake getting it on while Isaac watches and then storms in and attempts to kill them both, but don’t worry he won’t, Cassie is the star and cannot be killed and Jake just replaced Nick and he’s hotter so he can’t be killed either.  Also the infamous John Blackwell should make an appearance and scare the witchery out of Chares and Dawn.


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