A Bad Hunt

“I can’t kill it,” Dan said.

“It! I have a name,” the vampire said, “Don’t turn away from me, coward!”

The vampire tried to lunge forward but the vervain laced chains burned his skin and kept him against the cold brick wall.

Dan turned to Jake who of course was ready.

“I bet you’re delicious. What are you Japanese?” The vampire asked.

“Oh do shut up,” Jake said as drove the final stake through the monster’s heart.

The creature gasped and slowly turned to ash.

“Get your jaw off the ground, Mate. We’ve got more vamps to hunt,” Jake said.

“I … just…”

“Look I know you are a virgin, so don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you just stood there cock in hand and …nothing.”

“Fuck off.” Dan said as he walked back to the car.

“Oh I’m just fuckin with ya. You white collar boys sure are sensitive.”

Dan was not laughing. He had to get used to this, he thought.  Jake was right, he froze. They look too human. He needed to focus and not forget what they did to his family.



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