She Brought Liter Fluid Continued…

 “I have lighter fluid in the car,” she said.

Dan’s stomach hit the wet snow. She actually brought lighter fluid? Thank God, this never worked out between us he thought.

Meredith hurried back with matches as well. Dan swallowed hard as Meredith soaked Jim’s blood stained body in lighter fluid. 

“Meredith this is insane? Stop.” She didn’t even look up at him her eyes seemed cold, gray, not her usual bright blue. He dropped the ax and reached into his pocket for his phone. Maybe Elia could talk some sense into her. As he began to dial he felt a pull on his left pant leg. He looked down and saw Jim Somers, with eyes wide open grasping at his leg.

“Mother Fucker!” Dan yelled. “He’s turned, kill him, kill him.”

Meredith picked up the ax and swung loping Jim’s head clean off. Dan jumped back and watched her throw a match on Jim’s body. He turned to ash within seconds. 

“What the fuck,” Dan said. “Lets get the hell out of here.”

They ran to Dan’s SUV. Meredith still had the bloody ax in her hand as she jumped in the front seat.

“Um you can put the ax in back,” Dan said.

She leaned back and dropped it on the back floor. She felt a buzz in her left pants pocket. She reached for her phone. Sheriff Keane’s name popped up.

“Oh my fucking God,” Dan said as he looked at the phone. “He knows, he knows we stole the body.”

“Calm down, he could have a lead on Sean.”

“Ya or that,” Dan said. “Put him on speaker.”

“Hello Sheriff.”

“Meredith I am sorry to call so late. I have some bad news.”

What could be worse than her missing brother and dead fiancée. Dan thought.

“Just tell me, things can’t get much worse.” she said.

 “Someone stole two bodies from the morgue tonight and one of them was Jim’s,” Sheriff Keane said.

“Two bodies,” she asked. “Who was the other person?”

“Well we are supposed to keep it confidential but, I think you should know it was Lana Nordquist.”

“Sean’s ex fiancée!” Dan said.

Meredith handed Dan her phone and jumped out of the car.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

Meredith started vomiting on the side of the road.

“Dan is that you?” the sheriff asked.

“Yes Sheriff, Meredith needed some air.”

“Lana was killed in the same manner as Jim,” Sheriff Keane said. “We may have a serial killer on our hands.”

“I’ve gotta go,” Dan hung up on the Sheriff.  He felt a dart in his chest. He recalled how much Sean hated Jim dating his sister and then he recalled how Lana ripped Sean’s heart out when he discovered she was only marrying him for his money. Suddenly Dan had the urge to vomit too. Meredith jumped back in the car.

“Dan, I think Sean was turned during the attack. I think he killed Jim and Lana.”

Dan opened his car door and puked all over the November snow.


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