Devious Pets

Tegan entered the warehouse from Oak Road. Her old friend was seated at a black marble table.

“Well, any luck?” she asked.

“He’s at a loft on Essex Street.” The old man said.

Tegan’s stomach sank. Why would Ian be here unless he was involved?

“And what of Wilhelm?”

“He is cloaked.”

She let out a long sigh.

“Alright let’s wait until dark, then we will head over to confront Ian.” she said.

“Shall I call Dylan?” he said as he pushed up his glasses.


His brown eyes widened. She could see the familiar crinkle on his forehead whenever he was concerned.

“Don’t give me that look, Elia.”


Tegan entered the building from the alley where the streetlight was out. She could smell him. She rushed up the creaky wooden staircase. His scent grew stronger. It was apartment four. She stopped in front of it, planning her entrance. Should she frighten him, be nice, which play would get the fastest result? Violence of course. She kicked in the wood door and found him, hazel eyes wide, mouth agape holding two glasses of Champagne.

“Still like it rough, I see.” Ian said.

“Where is Wilhelm?” she asked. Trying not to smile at him.
He flashed his eyes at her.

“Really? This isn’t a social visit.”

“We have a problem. Wilhelm has been released.”

Ian took a sip of his bubbly.

“You mean your House has a problem. I doubt Wilhelm knows that I had any part in your sticky business.”

She felt a heat rise in her body. After all these centuries he was still the same selfish fucker.

“Maybe you released him,” she said. “I wonder what the Board would think about that?”

“Oh, hold on, I have no use for him. He wasn’t my pet.”

She turned to leave there was no point in spending one more second in his presence. Then she realized. The Champagne, he had two glasses.

“Were you expecting company?”

“No, well Sarah….”

“Of course, Sarah I almost forgot about your new …. pet.”


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