Jake’s Dilemma

“Look at it this way,” he said. “Dan could be an asset to us; after all he is Jon Okada’s grandson.

“We’ll see,” Jake said. “He fuckin choked out there ya know.”

“I know it was not a good first outing,” Elia said. “Please think on it, Tegan values your opinion on these matters.”

“Why would Tegan want him involved in this anyway? Hasn’t she spent the last thirty years protecting him from all of this shit?”

“Even Tegan has a superior,” Elia said as he put on his coat and headed off for the evening.

Jake tapped his cigarette against his tin lighter. He was almost conflicted. Dan froze, he probably saw the creature as human, he thought.  He didn’t go off all half cocked like so many of the others that were brought to him.

 He snapped back the tin lid and lit his cigarette. The first few drags usually calmed him. Jake always needed a smoke or two after a good kill. Tonight was different though.  The disappointment of it swept over him giving him the chills. He needed another drag. He watched the smoke race out of his mouth.

“Bloody fucking Hell! How am I going to tell Tegan this?”

He was almost numb. The truth made his chest burn.  Dan was not a born overzealous killer instead he was a man of reason….the right man for the job. 


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