Tegan’s side of events

         Tegan arrived at the Bean on Beacon and Charles as Dan ordered his coffee. She hid in the back and felt into his energy. He was tense, emotional, angry. She went further and read his thoughts. He and Sean O’Rourke were preparing to leave their job today. Good for them, that Weller could be a son of a bitch, she thought. She needed more intell on everything else he was doing today. She had to touch him.

       “MEDIUM CHAI with whole milk, extra cinnamon for Tegan,” the barista said. 

        She moved forward to the faux white marble counter, Dan was standing close by, she nudged him as she walked by, a slight tingle of electricity went right to her solar plexus. He had the deep magic of the Okada bloodline but he buried it, sealed it behind a thick gray wall. She grabbed her chai, turned around, smiled, looked straight on into his deep brown eyes as she nudged him again as she tried to exit.

         “Tegan? Like Sarah and Tegan?” he asked.

             She felt his attraction like a blue flame hovering in the small space between them. She knew that energy. She had to cut it off.

            “More like running late, Tegan.” she said winking her right green eye at him. 

            She glided out the door sending a surge of sharp, frigid wind his way so he could not follow. She needed to get to his office before Dylan found Sean O’Rourke there.


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