Tegan’s Freedom

As Tegan walked over dried leaves on Spring Street her phone buzzed incessantly. Everyone needed her advice or opinion on something. She realized with Justin gone she was now in charge. Really in charge. She had to call Ian, she was able to contact Ian for the first time in a hundred years, without permission, secrecy or repercussions. 

Justin’s new prison offered a new opportunity. She might even be able to reunite the clans. She was getting ahead of herself. For now she just needed to call her estranged husband. So why was she hesitating? Because she knew deep down there was no happily ever after with Ian. He would eventually try to take over the Clan himself if she let him back in.

Then there was Dylan husband number three always loyal but rash and vicious when needed. He was often more action than thought. He could be a problem too. 

Maybe she should lock them all in coffins she thought.


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