A Bad Day

Tegan swallowed hard as she paced the floor her mind was a triathlon of thoughts. Who freed him? Why? How did they free him? Someone was always watching the tombs on the security system. And her last thought, it was bad to have just staked one of the only vampires in the world strong enough to help them.

Dylan only had one thought.

“The truce is over, Tegan,” he said. “The O’Rourkes will be coming, if we do not get to them first.”

With that he sped out of the tomb.

“Dylan, DON’T! Damn it.”

She raced up the stone steps after him, but he was gone only the aspen scent of him remained. The O’Rourkes, we could manage them, they weren’t hunters anymore. They were harmless. Oh shit, they were defenseless and she had placed Dan with them. This is was turning out to be one of the worst days in the last one hundred years!


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