The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 8 “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” Recap

Lexi’s back, Tyler goes Alpha and Elena really is sired to Damon, kind of.  Even if it’s only in flashback we will take Lexi anyway we can get her and she looked fabulous in those 1940s duds. Lexi was once again the guiding light and voice of reason this time for Damon in this episode.

But before we get to the cool Bourbon Street flashbacks it turns out that after hot, hot vampire sex twice, Elena may be just a tad sired to Damon and Kim the hybrid that Haley and Tyler just unsired from Klaus  is taking her new freedom very seriously and starts going all Alpha on the wolf pack. She thinks Adrian has had enough of the unsiring for one day and against Tyler‘s wishes she takes him away.

And yes, these kids still have time for school.  Elena heads off to Mystic Falls High with her hair up which the girlfriends thought was odd. She apparently hadn’t showered after hours of sex with the evil Damon. Her best buds get over her bad hair day after she invites them to raid the Salvatore liquor cabinet. I did think it was odd that Vampire Caroline did not smell Damon all over Elena and puke in the hall.

Meanwhile Stefan comes back home to tell Damon the great news that Elena is sired to him and that’s the only reason she currently loves him which I‘m sure made Stefan feel better about the situation.

Damon denies it, because on the surface it’s ridiculous, Elena had feelings for Damon before she was turned. So Stefan being a vampire of facts, not just feelings tells him to convince Elena it’s okay for her to drink out of a blood bag. Damon isn’t buying it; he tells his little brother, “When her body rejects this blood, which it will, your apology had better be epic.”

So Damon heads off to Mystic Falls High, to convince Elena to drink out of the blood bag, she does, she likes it after he told her she would.  She remarks it tastes good as opposed to the hot garbage it tasted like the first time she tried it. Damon realizes it may be true and he rushes back home to find a cure which leads him and Stefan to a witch in New Orleans who helped him unsire a lady friend once before, and thus the cool 1940s Bourbon Street flashbacks ensue.

Stefan dressed in an American Service Uniform shows up in New Orleans with Lexi.  Damon and Stefan somehow pick the same bar in New Orleans and a mini reunion begins. Stefan is going to join the war effort because he thinks it will help him kick the blood habit by being surrounded by it constantly and normally sane Lexi seems to agree. The reunion is cut short by Damon’s crazy girlfriend Charlotte.

Unfortunately Damon turned her and because she had feelings for him prior to being turned she unintentionally became sired to him. He realized this after he told her to give no mercy to anyone who touched his drink while he stepped away. Being sired she took this literally and killed a guy for moving Damon’s drink at the bar. That’s when Damon looked up a powerful New Orleans witch to break the sire bond.

In modern day New Orleans the brothers try to find the same witch and along the way they realize that poor Charlotte may still be counting every brick in New Orleans as Damon told her when he left her in 1942. They go to the corner of Bourbon and Dumant where as luck would have Charlotte is there. It was hard to tell if she was really still sired after all she did count every brick and even loves the song “Counting Bricks.”

Back in Mystic Falls Hayley warns Tyler that he needs to assert his authority and be the Alpha. She is right. After Ty attempts to assert his authority, Kim decides to pick a fight.

Over at the Salvatore House, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie are having a party of alcohol and witchy tea, they dance, they laugh; they end up in Damon’s bathroom. Caroline makes a snarky comment about Damon being a man whore and Elena finally throws it down and tells them she and Damon had sex and she liked it.  Bonnie seems to take it better than Caroline.  And Bonnie is normally the acting president of the I hate Damon Club. I did like how Elena called Caroline on the fact that she once dated Damon. And Caroline did not have much of comeback. Elena gets more upset and kicks her best buds out. But before they leave Kim and Adrian bust in and kidnap Caroline.

Meanwhile Damon and Stefan find the witch shop in New Orleans, but she is long dead and her great granddaughter lies to them and says all of Grandma’s spells got washed away with Katrina and no one practices magic like that anymore, she’s not even a practicing witch.  It turns out she is lying she is not the witch’s great granddaughter she is her daughter and a practicing witch. The guys find this out when they pay her a second mildly violent visit.

She tells them the only way to break the sire bond is to tell the sire not to think about him anymore and set them free. She also tells them the spell that Damon helped her great grandma with by killing twelve vampires is part of a form of dark magic called Expression. Which just happens to be the form of magic Bonnie is learning from the mysterious Dr. Shane.

Back in Mystic Falls Elena and Tyler are looking for Caroline and have a chat about sires. Ty tells her that being sired doesn’t change how you feel about someone, it just affects how you act. So Elena’s feelings are real!

Poor Caroline is being tortured by Kim, when Tyler and Elena bust in. Elena tells Kim to take her instead since she means more to Klaus than Caroline. Well time will tell on that one. But Ty has had enough and he goes all Alpha and pushes his fist into Kim’s chest and threatens to rip out her heart unless she submits to him. She takes him seriously and submits her will to him. Ty is now the new Alpha of a fierce wolf pack.

Back on Bourbon Street Damon releases Charlotte from the sire bond, which she is not happy about. And I do not think it worked. We may see Charlotte again. Damon also promises to let Elena go. Stefan doesn’t believe him until he tells him how back in 1942 he also was ready to join the war effort to be with his little bro, but Lexi stepped him and talked him out of it, since he wasn’t the best influence at the time.

The girls make up as well. Caroline and Elena hug and all seems well in hot chick Vampireland. Stefan even tells Caroline that he believes Damon will do the right thing and release Elena, because he loves her as much as he does.

Damon comes home and tries his hardest to break the news to Elena that he has to unsire her but she will not hear it. He tells her he is not the good guy, but he has to do right by her. Elena moves forward and grabs his face and the credits roll.




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