The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7, Thoughts, Questions and Snarkiness”

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Elena and Damon finally consummate the relationship after four seasons of fans begging for it. Don’t worry Stefan fans; it most likely will not last. Since Stefan believes Caroline’s theory that Elena is sired to Damon. So the relationship isn’t real? Bunk, I say! Elena had feelings for Damon before she flew off Wickery Bridge and woke up dead, I mean undead.

I love how Caroline has become the new Lexi.  However, did Vampire Barbie forget she was Damon’s first blood bag/friend with benefits in Mystic Falls? Oh and Caroline seemed to be having fun on her make-believe date with Klaus. Did anyone else notice that? Tyler did.

This episode once again showed Stefan’s dark side, but this time his real dark side even when he isn’t on a Ripper binge.  He’s so obsessed with Elena that he is now turning people into vamps that Jeremy can kill to find the mystery of Jeremy’s hunter tattoos in order to save Elena.

At first Jeremy didn’t want to kill the vampire, then Stefan carelessly threatens to unleash the vamper on Elena’s little bro.  So basically he’s going to win back the girl of his dreams by possibly getting her brother killed.  I really thought Stefan was off the rails in this episode and maybe he’s the brother Elena needs protecting from not Damon.

Jeremy mans up and kills the blood sucker but he’s no fool he refuses to tell Stefan how his hunter’s mark has grown with that kill. Stefan even tries to compel him but now that Jer is growing stronger as a hunter he can’t be compelled and sweet Jeremy stakes him in the stomach and heads the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant because nothing bad ever happens over there at the Lockwood Mansion and he has escort duties. A Vampire Hunter’s work is never done.

Back at the Lockwood Mansion Elena spent most of her time barely even able to speak full sentences when talking  to Damon while she eye banged him. I don’t recall her being this tongue-tied around Stefan. It was kind of annoying.  Elena has all the power in this relationship, why doesn’t she know it.

This year’s Miss Mystic Falls Pageant was just as exciting as the prior.  April almost didn’t have an escort just like Elena and both times it was Stefan’s fault. Does he not appreciate great pageantry? Damon out right accuses Cute and Creepy Professor Shane of convincing the Pastor to kill the council and Professor Shane’s response was epic, “Did you just accuse me of mass murder in the middle of a high school pageant?”  One question, why is he judging a high school pageant? For a college professor he hangs around high school girls a lot.

Damon catches up with him in one of the awesome Lockwood Mansion rooms and the shady professor says, “You again? I must be the least intimidating mass murderer ever.”  His lack of fear of Damon was apparent even after Damon tried the look at what I can do I’m a vampire be scared move. This Professor Shane is cute and shady, I want to know more.  Does he like long walks on the beach? One thing is for sure, I think he is the last guy who should be hypnotizing Bonnie. Especially since he told Damon that only a Bennet Witch can decipher the Hunter’s Mark.

Jeremy finally shows up but all he can think about is killing Elena. Luckily Matt is onto him and tries to stop him from finishing her off after he stakes her in the neck.  Stefan also comes in at the last moment to play the hero even though Jeremy’s current downfall is his entire fault. Luckily the old Stefan reappears and admits what he did.

Elena tells him, “If getting my humanity back means stripping Jeremy of his, then I don’t want that. This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go.”  Good stuff.  The confused not herself Elena seemed to have a lot of clarity on the situation.

Jeremy realizing he can’t live in the same house with his sister if he wants to kill her tries to move out. But Matt shows up and tells him Elena has left and he is moving in to keep a watch over all this Hunter business. Matt is turning into the new Ric, always looking out for everyone. I really like it. Maybe he can stop Jer from whittling stakes in the middle of the night.

Elena shows up with luggage at Salvatore Manor, what a bad idea!  The brothers let her in, Stefan tells her to pick a room and then announces he’s leaving.  What a bad idea!

Damon and Elena get some alone time to dance and start making out and finally do the deed while Stefan is getting drunk and whining like a school girl over at Caroline’s.  Oh and Caroline just can’t seem to stop thinking about Klaus, it was something he said, oh yes it looks like Elena may be sired to Damon because she liked the red dress on April too. The red dress that was the clincher, maybe I’m sired to Damon too, because I thought April looked hot in that dress as well.

Before the night is over, Hayley and Dr. Shane are together, Damon was right to be paranoid. They do know each other. Hayley tells him of the success her and Tyler are having breaking the sire bonds on Klaus’s hybrids and tells him Tyler is a good guy and she wants him spared of whatever their sinister plan is that is yet to be revealed. Dr. Shane gives her a cryptic maybe.

So basically it was just another boring party at the Lockwood Mansion. I like how they have the good sense to serve alcohol at these high school events.  Oh and if anyone cares, April won the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

Some things I would like to see going forward this season:   I would like to see Sexy Beks back, someone undagger her please! I would also like to see Katherine back in Mystic Falls. Now that Elena is a vampire her reaction should be rich. More of Hayley, she’s great.  More of Dr. Meredith Fell I’m sure she has more work to do in Mystic Falls. But most importantly, I want to see Elena and Damon have a real relationship like she did with Stefan with lots of drama of course! Oh and Damon needs a new BFF, maybe Matt or smart ass Hayley would work.




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