The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 9 “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” Thoughts and Ramblings

Ok let’s just get to it, Mayor Lockwood is dead! There I said it. Merry Christmas!  I myself had the surprise ruined by some tool on Twitter who just couldn’t wait to tell the world that Carol Lockwood bit it after four faithful seasons. But before all the mayhem ensued Klaus found time to paint snowflakes. He truly is a Renaissance Vampire.

I was still shocked, but the shock would have been more meaningful if I hadn’t seen it coming. I completely understand why Klaus did it. Killing Ty’s mom is worse than killing him.  I just hope Alpha Ty gets the point.

Klaus was rightfully pissed after Ty and the gang tried to have him killed. Hopefully no one will ever find out that Klaus is the killer so Caroline and the OV can have a chance. Yes, I am looking forward to a twisted Klaus/Caroline love affair. We need something to pine for now that Elena and Damon are finally kind of together.

Damon did try to send her away after they made a breakthrough with Jer not wanting to kill her anymore, but I don’t recall him telling her to stop loving him, so I have the feeling things will get heated again and hopefully soon.

The lake house scenes were innocent enough, Jer tries to kill Elena upon entering, but she counters with a sisterly head lock. Luckily Bonnie is there with the creepy cute Professor Shane, he’ll fix everything!

During  “The Jer loves Elena reprogramming,” Dr. Shane tells Damon and Elena that they do not need the sword to cure Elena. You see once upon a time there was witch of course who spelled someone with immortality. But there was some kind of love triangle involved and Silas got buried alive. But Dr. Shane somehow knows where to dig him up and if they do then he has the cure for vampirism or something like that, Damon and Elena seemed to believe it. I was like, eh, maybe. I was having a hard time following it.  And why didn’t Klaus know about this?

Back in town Haley and Ty are determined to go through with their crazy plan to kill Klaus, well at least Ty is. Stefan and Caroline want him to wait for Elena’s cure before killing Klaus and when Stefan tries to go all vamp on him, the wolf pack shows up and kidnaps them.  However, there is no plan to really kill Klaus because then half the cast of the show would be dead. They just need to put his soul into Tyler’s body and dagger him to keep him out of commission for a while.

Luckily Damon finds out in the nic of time that they do not need Klaus alive to find Elena’s cure.  He calls Stefan who was not tied up or de cell phoned during the kidnapping. These wolves are not pros at it yet. Stefan tells everyone the good news Klaus can be killed, yeah they are all on the same team again and the wolves let them go.

Caroline remembers that Rebekah has been daggered so why don’t they use her body instead of Tyler’s to stick Klaus in. Haley has bigger plans like knocking out Caroline in the ladies room at the Grille and sending the 12 hybrids off to their death at the hands of Klaus.

April finds Caroline in the ladies room dead from Haley’s neck snap. She awakens jumps on her cell phone and gives away all kinds of juicy vamp gossip right in front of shocked April.  She then tries to compel April, who walks out of the ladies room not compelled thanks to her vervain bracelet and heads  off to the tunnels to undagger her new BFF Rebekah.

However, the kill Klaus plan is still on, Klaus is lured from the town fundraiser to the woods where he catches on quick and starts ripping out hearts and tossing wolf heads.  Not even twelve hybrids could take on one Original.

Meanwhile Haley tells Ty the truth, that Klaus isn’t the target. She tells him to run, he decides to run right in to the battlefield where his pack has been slaughtered.

Caroline and Stefan are back at Salvatore Manor where Caroline spills the beans that Damon and Elena did the nasty all with her sad looks and silence. Stefan apparently reads sad looks and silence and starts throwing heirlooms around the room.

However, Damon is trying to do the right thing at the lake house and finally releases Elena. He tells her “You’re going to go home. I’m setting you free Elena. This is what I want. This is what will make me happy.”   Elena is clearly not happy and I do not think it worked since she had feelings for him before she was turned. Damon stays behind to help Jeremy with what I am unsure. It appears he will still be growing the mark, which makes no sense if Dr. Shane knows where Silas can be found.

Klaus arrives back at the Winter Wonderland Charity event all bloody and moody. Mayor Lockwood is there all by herself which was odd based on all this town has been through and how much she knows of it all.  Still with drink in head, she pleads with the Original, ”Klaus, please. Don’t hurt him. He’s my son. He’s all I have.” Klaus thinks for a bit then replies, “And you’re all he has. There’s a beautiful symmetry to that. Don’t you think?” Then he grabs Mrs. Lockwood by the throat and drowns her in the town fountain and just leaves her there, hanging in the fountain like a holiday decoration.

Then the Original stumbles off, he probably needed to finish painting his snowflake.


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