The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 4 “Disturbing Behavior” Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke

(Damon/Ric Bromance hits the skids)

Warning! I use the term Bromance at least 3 times in this

Disturbing Behavior was a good title for this episode. Damon went off the rails which was fun to
see again.  Caroline got rough with Damon; Katherine tried to play nice with both brothers. Jeremy and Ana’s chemistry was hotter than ever.

The dialogue was great.  Rebekah: “There has to be more to this
dress.” Stefan: “There’s not.”
Rebekah: “So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then? I
got dirty looks for wearing trousers.”
Klaus: “You wore trousers so women today could wear nothing.”

Loved this banter, it was also logical for Rebekah to get some modern clothes and not walk around in 2011 dressed like a 1920’s flapper. It’ll be fun to watch her figure out how to use the Internet and the IPhone! They should take her to Starbucks next week and introduce her to the $3 a cup coffee.

I like Rebekah, looks like we are going to get some fun dialogue out of her.  Which made for a light opening scene and gave Stefan a chance to meet up with Katherine who seemed eager to help, but Stefan rejected her devious aid. Katherine makes it clear she knows about the necklace and tells Stefan to basically bromance Klaus in front of Rebekah to create tension. Stefan foolishly doesn’t take her advice.

Gloria the hot new witch on the scene did a spell to find Rebekah’s necklace. She picked up on Elena and the girls but wouldn’t tell Klaus what she saw. This in the moment gave me hope that she could be a powerful ally to Stefan. However, when Stefan went back to talk to her privately she told him she wanted the necklace for herself. Stefan tried to kill her but Gloria is no ordinary witch and she gave him an aneurism like Bonnie often did to Damon.

Then she strapped him to a table, shirtless, (nice touch) had time to light a hundred candles and drain his blood and try to drain his memories and essence to find the necklace. This part was a bit unrealistic. Wasn’t she concerned that Klaus would come back? Where were Klaus and Rebekah the whole time she was doing this? Out getting lunch I guess. Stefan did tell Klaus to pick whatever he wanted for lunch.

Just as Gloria learned Elena was the doppelganger and still alive, Katherine shows up and kills her.  I am beginning to see that Katherine can evolve into a female version of Damon, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Stefan is perusing the family coffins when Rebekah shows up. He asks her why she hasn’t undaggered the rest of her family. She tells him because Klaus is an evil bastard and it’s easier just to play along. He asks too many questions about who Klaus is running from and Rebekah gets suspicious. She attempts to kiss him and then knows he will never love her. Klaus shows up and she literally throws him to the Wolf/Vampire–Hybrid.

Back in Mystic Falls, Ric and Caroline both express concern over Damon and Elena getting closer. The tension was clear in the kitchen where Elena was making chili. The concerned parental look on Ric’s face as he watched Damon and Elena bantering was beautiful. This bromance is going to get rocky.  I like how Ric is coming around and taking responsibility for two teenagers he is not related to. It takes a village!

The necklace burns Elena’s neck and Bonnie takes it to try and figure out what magic is behind it. The one scene that seemed a little unbelievable was when the girls were at the Lockwood’s trying to figure out the magic in broad daylight in front of everyone.

Caroline also tries to tell Elena that Damon cannot be changed. Later on at the Lockwood mansion, Ric tells Damon to take a beat with Elena, twice. Damon gets mad and goes off to the Vampire Council meeting.

Bill, Caroline’s gay vampire hating dad shows up and threatens to out Damon and put vervain in the towns’ water supply. Damon tells Elena and Ric that Daddy Bill wants to out him and then in Damon style says “Don’t get me started on the irony of that.” He then decides to kill Daddy Bill.

Damon: “I should have killed him this morning.”
Elena: “He’s Caroline’s dad.”
Damon: “Yeah. And when I kill him she’ll have one more parent than we

Ric tries to stop him with persuasive dialogue like “Oh c’mon.” And so Damon temporarily kills him. Elena starts screaming “What’s wrong with you?” Which is funny that  she still doesn’t
get how evil he is.  At least Damon checked to make sure Ric had his ring on before he killed him.  As Elena tries to tend to Ric, Damon storms back to the mansion to feed on Bill. Elena calls Caroline to go save her hater dad and interrupts her hot sweaty vampire/wolf sex with Tyler.

Caroline rushes in and pushes Damon off her Dad. They start kicking the crap out of each other vampire style. Damon pins her down and says “I’m stronger than you, little girl.” Caroline responds “I’m angrier.”  Great line! Then she head butts him and throws him off of her, grabs daddy and speeds out of the room.

Elena runs in with her usual disapproving/disappointed look, which is so cute! They argue and Damon makes it clear he is not Stefan and struts out of the room, like only Ian Somerhalder can. Good stuff.

On the Jeremy/Ana front things get complicated by Bonnie’s return. Ana lets Jeremy know that she appears when he thinks of her and they even make physical contact. The chemistry between them is still hot. I hope there is a way to bring her back into human form or vampire form at least. Not sure if she was the one who made the books go aflame. But after she warned Jeremy about the darkness he was ready to shut her out and tell Bonnie everything. It was sad to see her calling to Jeremy as he confided in Bonnie.

Later Bonnie is outside at the Grill when she thinks Elena shows up and asks for her necklace back. Bonnie hands it over without getting any witchy juju on the fact that it is actually Katherine she is handing the necklace to.Bonnie proceeds to tell Katherine about Jeremy and Ana.Katherine for some reason keeps playing along then as a waitress walks by, she bolts.

Caroline confronts Elena about her feelings for Damon. Elena tells her she can’t even
think about it for one minute, because then what kind of person would she be? Caroline tells her “Human.” Caroline also sees her Dad leaving town. She tries to convince him that being a hot blonde, cheerleading vamp isn’t all bad.

Caroline: “Daddy. I’m going to be okay.”
Bill: “You’re a vampire sweetheart. I don’t’ think you’ll ever be okay again.” Ouch, Bill is a total dick! Maybe Damon should have been allowed to kill him.

Back at Damon’s its cocktail time. Ric wakes up from being dead and is pretty bitchy about it and won’t accept Damon’s drink or typical half assed apology. This is always so cute!

Ric: “You killed me.”
Damon: “You pissed me off.”
Ric: “You killed me!”
Damon: “Ric, no hard feelings, alright? I was on a bit of a tear, and
everyone was trying to tell me how to behave.”
Ric: “Maybe they finally realized you’re a dick.”

Ric walks out and goes back to the Lockwood mansion where he demands a seat on the Council. He aptly points out to Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood, their private dilemmas due to their own supernatural children and tells them someone needs to look out for the humans of Mystic Falls.

Damon doesn’t have much time to reflect on his (I’m pissed because everyone wants me to be good dilemma) because Lady Katherine shows up.  She tries to convince Damon to run off with her for some vampire mischief. “I’m just a girl looking for a partner in crime.” She tells him.  Damon doesn’t ponder too long and decides to go with her, just as Klaus shows up in Mystic Falls with Stefan, perfect timing to leave Elena unattended.

Predictions: Damon and Katherine will grow closer, Katherine will be more helpful than anyone could have imagined. We haven’t seen the last of Ana or Vicki. Jeremy and Bonnie’s romance may become complicated due to the return of all of his dead vampire girlfriends.  We haven’t seen the last of Daddy Bill either.  Elijah will be back soon, most likely because Stefan will unstake him. Ric and Damon’s bromance will continue to crumble as Ric turns into bad ass super dad and a formidable foe on the Council.  Can’t wait until next week!


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  1. sounds super interesting.. so much so that i will probably be hooked to this show, thanks to you.. 🙂

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