An Interesting Find

Dan turned and looked straight into the blue eyes of the man who had been his mentor at work for the past eight years. The man he trusted as his friend. Ron was a laid back, gentle guy. This was the first time Dan had ever seen such stern resolve in those normally carefree blue eyes.  He suddenly felt a spark of his old self and a buzz in his pocket. 

“If it’s Weller don’t answer,” Ron said.

“Its Detective Martinez, I don’t remember putting her number in my phone…. “

“Put her on speaker,” Ron said. 

“This is Dan….”

“Mr. Okada, I’m at Sean O’Rourke’s apartment. How fast can you get to Beacon Hill?”

“Ten minutes.”

Detective Martinez was already sitting in Sean’s brown leather recliner with her feet on his matching ottoman when they arrived. She sipped her latte and looked right through them. 

“Do you know what we found when my team searched this apartment?” She asked.

They both looked at each other and kept their mouths shut.

“Not a damn thing!”

They both relaxed their shoulders.

She jetted out of the chair and moved toward them, picking up what looked like another journal from the glass top coffee table. She shoved the journal into Dan’s chest.

“Open it and read the first damn sentence.”

Dan knew not to mess with her. He looked at the inside front cover. It was another of Henry Cahill’s journals.

“August 26, 1996. Boston Gazette reporter Sarah Devers has been missing since Saturday. She was last seen at a local Vampire themed club called, Rouge where she was investigating the Vampire cult scene.”

“What is with you people and this vampire obsession?” She asked. 

“So you found nothing about embezzlement?” Ron asked.

“Bingo, where is the damn money?”

Dan just shook his head.

“Sean had nothing to do with this. Why don’t you investigate that prick, Weller?”

A huge grin swept across her face. 

“If you want to help your friend, you should help me.”

“What can we do?” Ron asked.

“Get me access to Weller’s computer. I’m guessing he has two sets of books.”


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