Dinner at the Hotel

Tegan leaned back and closed her eyes. Henry knew she must have trusted him. When they reached the hotel he gently nudged her awake. She opened her eyes as the hotel doorman opened the car door. She exited falling to her knees.

The doorman gasped, then moved quickly to life her.

A knot formed in Henry’s throat at the sight of it. He summoned all he had.

“Tegan,” Henry called to her. He slid over and jumped out to help her. He took her arm under his.

“Which room do you need?”

She turned to him, a shell of the vampire he had researched, feared.

“It’s room… oh he’ll do.” She said as a young Nazi officer approached.

“Let me see your papers, Yankee,” he said to Henry.

“Close your eyes Henry,” Tegan said.


She lounged forward and embraced the officer sinking her fangs into his neck. Henry’s heart raced. He looked up and down the sidewalk no one seemed to notice, what was happening. Even the doorman asked..,

“Too much wine? We have coffee inside for the lady.”

“We…were good!” Henry stuttered.


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