Today’s Write: “Something is Wrong in the Town of Ashton”

This may be used in my novel. Please excuse the formatting. I do a lot of this from my phone.

Something was not right in the town of Ashton, Massachusetts. Meredith O’Rourke, walked around for two weeks with a deep unrest at the bottom of her stomach. It was almost Halloween which because of her family history always made her twitchy, but that wasn’t it. This was deeper, she felt it in her bones. It all started the day her brother Sean found the family journals. She should have told him years ago. He had not spoken to her since. She was concerned but knew he wouldn’t do anything rash. And yet this feeling sat in her stomach. Her senses on high alert for any paranormal activity in town.

The paranormal elements typically stayed out of Ashton. Not because of the three hundred so called witches and vampires that were burned there in 1642 mostly with the help of her ancestors, but rather because of the witches and vampires that were not destroyed there in 1642. The ones her family let go. The ones she knew lived at the De Morlais Estate on Pleasant Street.

Whenever Dan Okada visited Ashton he stayed with his good friends the O’Rourkes. Since his last visit two weeks ago he felt an anger rising within him. Something had been stirred in his soul. A part of him just wanted to go back to his hum drum existence. But this new rage needed a vehicle. When he was approached at work by his mentor Rich McDonnell to join an office walk out. “The words, “Sign me up,” flew out of his mouth without a thought. He noticed a difference with his friend Sean as well. He was smoking like he a lot of stock options in Marlboro. He recalled a difference in the air on his last visit to Ashton. It was colder than usual for October. And it was creepier than usual for October. He saw more spirits in that two day trip than he had in the last six months and a few times he felt like someone was whispering in his ear. But what he remembered most was how angry Sean was with his sister Meredith, so angry they headed back to Boston a day early. 

The Vampiress Tegan, felt a shadow watching over her the past two weeks. She tried to pick up a scent, a glimpse of it in full form out of the corner of her eye, but nothing. Just the heaviness of its presence lingering over her and her clan. She told everyone to be extra careful. Some of the young vamps looked at her like she was crazy. She didn’t blame them. They didn’t know the horror that had preceded their existence. They didn’t know that there are creatures out there far more dangerous than vampires. A few times she found herself on her evening walk outside the O’Rourke House. She could see Meredith O’Rourke pacing the floor through the front porch windows. She could feel Meredith’s unrest. She thought about warning her. Something was coming. But what good would that do? Meredith and Sean were never trained to be hunters. The truce between the vampires and the O’Rourke family which had kept future descendants safe since World War II now seemed to have left this current generation of O’Rourkes helpless to defend themselves. 

She moved on and against her better judgement went up to Ashton Cemetery. Maybe the dead would have answers, she thought. The wind felt colder, sharper yet heavy. The 17 th century cobblestone sidewalk just outside the cemetery had been dismantled from underneath their three hundred year home. Inside two of the O’Rourke family tombstones had been knocked over. She noticed the iron gate to her family tomb, the De Morlais tomb was wide open. Her stomach dropped. Unease turned to all out fear and after a thousand years not much scared her. She ran inside the tomb. The secret passageway in the floor was ajar about an inch. She lifted the granite stone from the floor which triggered the lights in the secret vault below. She ran down the hidden stone stairway to find Wilhelm’s empty open coffin. The iron chains that once sealed the mahogany box were broken on the cold concrete. Empty blood bags littered the floor. Someone or something had let him out!


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