White Powder, Bricks and Nicholas Cage Day 3 NOLA

Third day in New Orleans  1st trip June 2014

This morning I went on the Cemetery Tour of the oldest cemetery in New Orleans,  Louis no. 1.  I got to see up close the graves of Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans and the actor Nicholas Cage. Yes Nicholas is still alive but he purchased his grave already and since he went bankrupt they say it is now the only property he owns in NOLA as they call it.

Next I headed to the Cafe Dumond and finally had those amazing beignets. It was amusing looking around the cafe at everyone from every walk of life covered in the thick white powdery sugar they smother these fabulous doughnuts in.

From there I went to the National World War II museum, where I sat through an emotionally overwhelming interactive film narrated by Tom Hanks. The special effects were beyond 3D, it must have been 4D if that exists. At one point it actually snowed real snow on us all in the theater.

After that I started exploring the museum and noticed the brick floor right away. It had the names and military titles of many that have served. I inquired about how to get my grandfather on one of those bricks, he served in the South Pacific. Apparently you can donate as little at $200 to make it happen on the sidewalk outside  On Magazine Street and $500 for the floor on the inside of the museum. So I will find out his rank, title etc. and handle that when I get home.

As I was starting to leave it began to pour a beautiful cooling rain, which was much-needed. I had a good dinner at Cafe Maximo on Ducater near the French Market. I am debating getting more beignets, is that wrong to want more world-famous French Doughnuts, it feels oh so right!


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