Day 1 of New Orleans Adventure: I cannot keep my pants on and I met a psychic!

Day 1 New Orleans June 2014

My day started off with a beautiful walk down Esplanade Avenue to the French Market area where I had breakfast. Next I rush off to hit my 10am tour of the French Quarter, which I booked two months ago. The lady at the Blue Line Lighthouse told me she couldn’t find my reservation because the tour was cancelled since I was the only one who booked it. And I need to call Viator to get a refund.  Thanks Blue Line and Viator for not notifying me of the cancelled tour!

So I head to the Hop on Hop Off Tour Instead, I booked that all week, it stops at all major attractions for $39 for the whole week. This tour was fabulous. The tour guide was a native who knew everything about the city.

After that awesome ninety minutes, I am back in the French Quarter sweating my ass off, trying to keep my jean shorts from falling off.  I think they are so God awful low rise  type. They just wouldn’t stay on my hips, of course I had no belts with me.

Next I had my fortune read by a “psychic” at Jackson Square right outside the St. Louis Cathedral. She told me how stressed out I am all the time, I need to take better care of myself and I am afraid to have a relationship and this is why I am still single. She was correct on all counts so I got my $40 bucks worth.  Then she tried to convince me I needed to have my aura cleansed, that cost extra of course. I took a pass on that one, the psychics in San Francisco play the same game. It often shocks me that they do not get that I will not fall for that nonsense, since I am always upfront about the fact that I myself am I medium!

I took the long steamy walk back to my hotel holding up my shorts the whole way. I took the psychics advice, decided to relax and jumped into the pool.  Then headed back to the Quarter to Landrys where I had an awesome shrimp platter.  After this I was off to the Vampire Tour which I called to confirm was actually happening. The Vampire Tour was amazing. I will discuss that more in a future post.


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