The Vampire Diaries: The Shockers and Awe of Season Four Episode 1 “Growing Pains”

By Tegan O’Rourke

Klaus is a Gentleman! The most evil  Original Vampire ever stops Caroline from throwing herself at him. He totally outs himself to her about him and Tyler switching bodies. That was the biggest surprise of the evening for me.

Lets face it we all knew Elena was going to vamp out and Bonnie wouldn’t be able to spell her back to humanity. But I give Bon Bon kudos for trying.

Klaus leaves Rebecca in the hands of the Council when he could have quickly and easily saved her. What was that about? Rebecca gave her big bro the best one thousand years of her life and that’s the thanks she gets?  Then when she confronts him later he is a total douche and knocks her out. Maybe he can only handle one blonde vamp at a time.

After the way he treated his own sister, I am changing my opinion on a Klaus/Caroline hook up. Caroline would be better off with Damon.  Klaus is a great villain with an overactive emotional side, like Damon, but yet Klaus is darker, for all of Klaus’s heartfelt rambling about family he tends to keep them locked up while Damon has gotten over his brother issues and wants Stefan to be happy.

The third shocker was Rebecca being captured by the Council. She can outrun a pissed off vampire like Damon but not the new crazy pastor in town.  And what the hell was up with Pastor Young blowing up the Council? My theory is either Damon or Rebecca compelled him to kill everyone in order to keep their secret. Smart move.

I understand that the gang was up in arms about Elena becoming a vamp, but not one tear in the first episode for poor Ric? I’m sure it is to come it was just noticeably missing to me. After all he was Elena’s pseudo alcoholic serial killing guardian and he and Damon had an angst ridden bromance for three seasons.

Damon is quite an enigma. In Season 2 he was already to turn Elena to save her from Klaus, but when poor Matt has the misfortune of being the one who drives her off Wickery Bridge, he’s the bad guy for her being a Vamp?

Both Damon and Elena should be thrilled Elena is a vamp, now they have all of eternity to deny their passion for each other.

I am on West Coast time so I have not seen tonight’s episode yet. But my predictions are: Bonnie’s magic gets darker; Sheriff Forbes and the Mayor get their jobs back since the Council is probably now capote; Tyler and Caroline finally have “so glad you are not dead for reals sex” and Elena starts to have nasty vampy urges, it should be a hoot.


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