The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 19 “Heart of Darkness”

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Elena and Damon are back on, it‘s hot, then they fight again.  Stop toying with us Julie Plec.

The episode opens with Alaric in the Salvatore Dungeon for safekeeping. Elena brings him some boring books to help him sleep, Damon slips in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What a Dic!

She tries to get Ric’s disapproval on her trip to Denver with Damon but Ric doesn’t bite.  Elena’s soul searching trip is actually Stefan’s idea. Why can’t this guy just be happy? She said she still loves him but it’s not enough if she even thinks for one second that Damon looks good shirtless, for the love of God she’s still human!

Elena and Damon travel to Denver on miles not compulsion Damon tells Elena, to have Jeremy channel Rose, so they can find out who sired her and in turn figure out what bloodline all of our favorite vamps come from.

Jeremy doesn’t seemed thrilled about channeling a dead vampire and tells them he’ll catch them later, his new friend is showing up.  Oh by the way, it’s Kol, Klaus’s evil Original Bro. He coldly tells Jeremy, they are not buds and hits Damon with a baseball bat. Damon gets up and stabs him with the bat and they all flee to a no tell motel.

Back at Mystic Falls High, Caroline and Matt have a mock fight in the school cafeteria in front of Rebecca. Apparently Rebecca is really into the whole high school thing and is kicking Caroline’s ass as dance chair president or so she thinks.  I do hope we get to see this 1920s decade dance it should be classy and full of vampire mischief.

Caroline storms out the way hot blonde vampire cheerleaders do and heads to the woods for hot hybrid sex with Tyler in the old Lockwood Dungeon. There were a lot of dungeons in this episode.

Meanwhile back at Salvatore Dungeon, Stefan brings Alaric some Scotch and they discuss why he let Elena go with Damon before torture begins. Ya, Ric takes one for the team and lets Stefan beat the crap out of him in the hopes his evil alter ego has a sense of self preservation.

It’s slow going until Klaus shows up and snaps Ric’s neck after Stefan spills the beans about how they all need to find the stakes due to the fact that the whole bloodline dies when an Original dies.

At the No Tell Motel, Rose shows up with very little effort, after Damon divulges the pleasant dream he gave her on her last day alive.

Rose looks great for a dead vampire chick. Rose tells Jeremy to tell Damon she is rooting for him and Elena. Jeremy is surprised and says nothing. Rose tells them she was sired by Mary Porter, who Damon refers to as Scary Mary.

Back in town, Sweet Matt pretends to like Rebecca and gives her a ride home. But she is on to him. However, innocent Matt tells her” It’s sad you can’t even get a ride home from school and think there isn’t an ulterior motive, smooth move Mr. Donavon.

Rebecca makes a comment about having to compel a date and heads inside Mikaelson Manor to find Esther who claims to be dying since the Bennett bloodline was severed by Abby being turned into a vampire.

She tries to win Rebecca back with a sob story about looking over her for a thousand years. Poor low self esteem Rebecca buys it as Esther takes her hands in hers then Mother Dearest drops dead.

Meanwhile things are steamy at the Lockwood Dungeon until Tyler tells Caroline he won’t know for sure if the sire bond with Klaus is broken until he tests it. Carline then Tyler that Matt killed an Original and that vamps from that bloodline all died. Oh and if Klaus wasn’t the one who sired all of our favorite vamps they are going to kill Klaus and Damon doesn’t care about Tyler one squat, so they won’t spare Klaus for Tyler. Welcome home Lover!

Back at the motel, Elena can’t stop staring at shirtless Damon. He catches her glance and jumps in bed next to her. She asks him why he never told her about what he did for Rose the day she died and why doesn’t he let people see the good in him. Well because then he’d have to be god all the time and actually live up to people’s expectations. He takes her hand and she jumps out of bed and leaves the room.

He chases after her and she tells him “Don’t.”  Then turns and passionately grabs him and they have hot foreplay until Jeremy wakes up and ruins it. He tells them Rose found Scary Mary, she lives in Kansas. So away they go, road trip!

Mary’s house is dark and creepy. I wondered why on Earth did Damon take Elena inside after all Mary is older than Rose was so how could he protect Elena if Mary was hungry? No need to worry Kol showed up a bit earlier and staked her.  How they all got from Denver to Kansas so quick was interesting.

Kol tells them they’ll never know who sired Rose now and then beats Damon again. He says he wants revenge for his brother’s death and snapping his neck and yet, he doesn’t kill Damon, just gives him another beat down and leaves.

Meanwhile evil Ric awakens and taunts Stefan until he beats him to the point of almost killing him, then he divulges the hiding place of the stake has the Lockwood cave that no vampire can enter.  Klaus and Rebecca are back and Rebecca takes Ric to the cave. He gets the stake and refuses to give it to her. So she amazingly enters the cave and tells him she wants all the Originals dead, since she is really Esther. That evil Mama has done it again.

Klaus stays behind at Salvatore Manor still in the hope his old ripper friend will make an appearance.  Stefan tells him he is getting it under control and throws him out.

Damon and Elena have a heart to heart that turns into another fight when Damon tells her he won’t help her make her decision on who she wants by screwing things up. She’s going to have to figure it out herself. It makes for a long cold ride home.

Rose shows up in the backseat next to Jeremy and tells him that Stefan is always going to be good for Elena but Damon changes her and challenges her. He can either be the best thing for her or the worst, either way she is good for Damon.

Tyler finds the drawing Klaus did for Caroline and when she can’t give him a good reason for keeping it, he leaves.  What’s up Caroline? Do you have feelings for Klaus after all? I hope so.

Predictions: Maybe there will be a Klaus and Caroline kiss in the season finale of course. Elena may actually choose Damon. But don’t worry fans, that won’t mean their troubles will be over. More drama will ensue together then apart.


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