The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 17 “Break on Through” Recap

By Tegan O’Rourke,

Is she good, bad or both? Dr. Meredith Fell is still an intriguing character. It’s looking like she is good at least in this episode. She is giving Ric a cat scan, hoping to  find a tumor, no such luck. It’s the crazy magic ring of death after all. Ric seemed pretty disappointed too.

As soon as Elena finds out she just working on plans to cure Ric. Since the ring was spelled by a witch she believes Bonnie can fix things with another spell. However Bonnie is out-of-town helping her estranged mom Abby be the best vampire she can be–oh and she still isn’t speaking to Elena.

Caroline arrives at Abby’s place baring a basket of blood bags, but Abby seems depressed by her immortality because she has lost her connection to nature now that she is no longer a witch.

Back in Mystic Falls Damon and Alaric head to Mayor Lockwood’s Wickery Bridge renovation party. Rebekah arrives looking for the infamous White Oak tree and Sage the new bad ass female vamp of all our dreams, joins the festivities.

I hope she is a permanent addition to the cast. This shows needs a naughty female vamp. Rebekah is bad but she also has a soft side, she is crying out for Damon’s love even when she is insulting him. Fans crave another all out Bitch like Katherine to round out the cast of characters.

Sage is looking for her sire and lost love Finn. Damon tries to set her straight about the fact that Finn isn’t exactly pining away for her. Unfortunately poor Sage has waited 900 years to be reunited with him and you thought Damon was possessive!  Luckily Sage and Rebekah hate each other, which should make for some good vampire drama. Sage refers to her as the “Ugliest Original Bitch.”

Damon who is never one to miss an opportunity, signs up Sage to help him find out what Rebekah is up to. Sage explains to him that she can indeed get into Rebekah’s Original head, if Damon distracts her, after all she is just a girl.

Damon invites Rebekah to a party at his place, she acts like she doesn’t want to go but it’s so obvious she wants to have rough vampire sex with him again.

Back at Abby’s, Jamie is not relieving his stress by chopping wood and almost chopping up Caroline. She tries to talk some sense into him about what Abby is going through but in Matt Donavon style, Jamie doesn’t think any of this is normal. Wow another sensible hot guy, Jamie and Matt should hang out.

He eventually changes his mind after all Abby raised him. So he goes into the house and hugs her, unfortunately Abby isn’t ready for human contact and goes all Mina Harker on his jugular.

Caroline calls Elena to let her know how Bonnie and Abby are doing. Elena tells her she needs Bonnie’s help for Ric.  Bonnie coldly agrees to help, telling Elena that she will need something Ric used to wear before he was given the ring. Ric tells Elena they can use his wedding band which is back at his apartment in a medicine bottle. Elena rushes over there, leaving the good Dr. Fell alone with Ric.

Rebekah arrives just in time at Salvatore Manor to see Damon and Sage as the only party guests. Damon provocatively dances with Sage and the look on Rebekah’s face is almost heartbreaking. She takes a seat near a piano player who is obviously there for dinner. Damon comes over to her and pretends he only wants her. He seems sweet and Rebekah buys it. They have hot vampire sex and Rebekah falls asleep.  Sage takers her chance to read Rebekah’s thought while she dreams of Damon and white oak trees.

Damon follows Sage into a hot shower where they strip down and kiss so Sage can show him the thoughts she stole from Rebekah’s mind. Damon feels victorious and runs to his family study to pull the logging records from the 1900s he isn’t going to let Rebekah find the only tree left that can kill an Orignal.

It turns out the tree was used to build the infamous Wickery Bridge. Sage is upset she doesn’t want Damon to get the wood that can kill her soul mate, Finn. Damon tries to make a deal with her and says he’ll spare Finn if he can kill Rebekah. She seems to agree. However, Damon loses track of her in his McMansion and realizes she may destroy the bridge after all. He gets there too late, Rebekah and Sage have brunt down Wickery Bridge. Sage confronts Damon with the news that she knows he lied to her. If one of the Originals die they all die.

He tells Sage the harsh truth that her beloved Finn is not looking for her, he volunteered to kill himself so Mommie Esther can have her revenge on her children and kill all of the Originals. Sage is visibly shaken. Damn it, just when I thought we had another vicious female vamp, Sage has feelings too. Why do all these vamps love so hard?

Speaking of hard love Stefan is following Elena around in attempt to show her he’s not a monster. He shows up at Ric’s apartment and tells her “I just can’t be who you want me to be right now.  I’m not in control.” This leaves a definite opening for them to get back together eventually.

He then tells her how her ancestor, Sarah Gilbert ended up in a mental hospital where she still killed people even after the ring was taken away from her.  Elena realizes she left Meredith alone with Ric so they rush to find his wedding band, but first they open a drawer full of the hair of Ric’s victims and a letter to Jeremy, the other ring wearer explaining that he must carry on his plans,  “The council must be cleansed before the work can begin.”  With that they rush to find the ring and dash back to her house.

Ric wake’s up on the Gilbert couch and goes full on serial killer on an unsuspecting Meredith. He grabs a large knife and asks Meredith if she ever feels remorse about not living up to her responsibilities and letting vamps roam free.  She puts up a good fight, throwing hot coffee at him and running upstairs to the bathroom, but alas he stabs her.

Elena and Stefan show up at the house and see the broken coffee cup and blood on the kitchen floor. Stefan hides in the kitchen while Alaric comes downstairs pretending not to be a serial killer, but poor Elena knows better. She lies to him about finding his ring and being alone.

They rush upstairs to find Dr. Fell on the bathroom floor all bloody and delicious looking. Stefan almost hesitates but pulls himself together and gives Meredith his healing blood, proving he can be the loveable broody vamp Elena fell in love with. He quickly flees afraid he will attack someone.

Next morning all is well again in Mystic Falls. Bonnie as usual forgives Elena and gives her some herbs for Ric. I’m beginning to think Bonnie is a bigger martyr than Elena. I wonder how she’s going to handle her mom ditching her again!

Caroline tried to stop Abby but she was set on leaving not just Bonnie but Jamie too. She realizes she can’t control herself yet and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, again.

Ric awakens to Damon telling him Meredith is okay and he is now on house arrest at his old apartment. He then goes back home to give Stefan some good news.

Damon had a new sign built for the renovated bridge with original wood from the old bridge. He faked his rage at Sage over the burning bridge. I didn’t see that coming.

“I sold my rage. You should have seen me,” he tells  Stefan. “Game’s back on brother. Let’s go kills some Originals.” Close to credits. The Salvatore Brothers score 1, Originals 0. At least until next week.

Predictions: Sage and Damon will make up or become brutal enemies either way there should be some hot sex involved. Elena and Stefan move closer toward reuniting. Rebekah tortures Damon as all the promos show, but someone will save his hot ass at the last-minute. Elijah or Esther, or Sage I presume.


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