Damon’s Naked and Stefan Rips through Tennessee, The Vampire Diaries Are Back!

By Tegan O’Rourke, previously published on The Supernatural Weekly

It’s about time Elena saw Damon naked. Ian Somerhalder is still hot, but that new hairdo has to go!

This will not be a blow by blow of the season premiere you can read that on a hundred other sites already, I did. My main thought is–I loved it! 

I only had two tweaks, cut Damon’s hair and Bonnie should have been at Elena’s birthday party. What teenage girl misses her BFF’s 18th birthday party? It doesn’t happen! Bonnie (Kat Graham) is an integral character. I definitely noticed she was missing.

Ok, enough of my bitching, my favorite parts were of course Stefan (Paul Wesley) losing control and being conflicted about it as he joyfully rips off body parts, then feels bad and tries to put them back together. The phone call at the end seemed to make one believe there is still hope for Stefan as he started to cry as Elena (Nina Dobrev) tells him “Stefan if this is you, you’ll be ok. I love you, Stefan. Hold onto that. Never let that go.” That was so sweet to see that young love can conquer any obstacle, even serial killing.

The second most awesome part was Vampire Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and Werewolf, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) violently hitting the sheets, then Mrs. Lockwood shooting Caroline in the back, that MILF definitely has an NRA card.

Funniest line of the episode, when Damon asked Alaric to hold down the fort and he replied “You mean the fort filled with my drunk history students?” How would that look if the cops showed up? Alaric is the history teacher to these kids, oh wait Sheriff Forbes, Caroline’s mom wouldn’t do a darn thing about it since they are all in cahoots together to keep the town free of bad vamps. I was surprised that none of Alaric’s students asked him to hold their beer for them   while they urinated on the Salvatore lawn though.

Things I want to see: bring back Elijah soon, bring back Catherine. I also think it would be hysterical if Bonnie who hates Damon end up banging him and has an immense shame over it, (Like Buffy did over Spike). And then Damon starts to like Bonnie a little bit, even though Elena is still his number one teen crush.

Happy Birthday Elena, your boyfriend Stefan, wanted to make it but he was too busy killing his brother’s playmate, Andie Starr. It’s obvious to me that both Elena and Damon need to console one another, by having nasty vampire sex just as Stefan comes to his senses and walks in on them.


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